Reed Point Boats Winterized

The three boats at Reed Point Marina, My Way, Tinkertoy II and Jinjer Snap, have been winterized.   The water systems were shocked with bleach and then flushed twice.   The tanks have been left empty for the winter..   If you are taking out one of these boats and are wanting or needing potable water, please use the portable blue water containers that can be found in the V-berths.
I also added two ounces of methyl hydrate to each gas tank.  If you refill a tank or if you notice in the logs that you’re the n’th person to top up a given tank and the concentration of methyl hydrate should be restored, please send me an email identifying the boat and tank and I pop down and re-load.  (I’m not sure how this has been handled in the past as this is my first kick at it.  If you have a better approach to this, please do share.)
The two boats at Burrard are next in my cross-hairs for the same treatment.
Richard Blackwell
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