Executive 2021 Sailing Season

Ken Murray


Ken is honoured to serve as BSC president, though he believes  he is happier torqueing down keel-bolts and yes, even painting boat hulls. Qualified as a skipper but he feels a bit like a novice compared to many here. Ken’s favourite things include those after-cruise evenings at dockside with BSC sailors. He thinks that the job of the president is to make sure all of our volunteer work is supported so that we can enjoy more time on the water.

Evan Gatehouse

Vice President

Been sailing for 42 years. Owned 3 sailboats 24-40′. Lived aboard for 16 years with my wife. Sailed around the world 2009-2017. I’m a naval architect/mechanical engineer, CYA Cruising Instructor. Friendly too.

Member of the Coop since 2014. Learned to sail as a teenager during summers on Lake Winnipeg on a 14ft Sunfish, which was a lot of fun to dump, but a bit more of challenge to right the boat by standing on the daggerboard. Started sailing on keel boats while living in Montreal in the 1980s, crewing on a 26’ racing boat, flying the spinnaker and being “rail-meat”.

Performed many jobs within the Coop including most recently asst boat captain and boat captain.

Steve Cook


Steve has been a member since 2012 and you can find him on most club cruises during the season.

Vitali Didenko

Fleet Captain

A member since 2013, Vitali joined the Electrical Team from year one. This year he has stepped up even further and is Fleet Captain.
He loves sailing and sharing this passion with others. You can find Vitali on the water year-round. The season never ends for him. He dreams of sailing into the sunset… maybe across the Pacific to start with.

Tim Dunn


Safety of crew, safety of boat, safety at sea.
Tim have been with the BSC since spring 2018 and is thankful to the many people who helped him along the way. The BSC orientations process helps to ensure that Coop skippers know the main aspects of sailing. Club Cruises are an important part of the certification process. They provide a safe way for BSC members to get comfortable with sailing through weekend adventures on the water. In long standing tradition Tim will work with BSC members to plan exciting (and safe) sailing adventures for 2020-2021. Please contact him if you have ideas on destinations.

Ian Crook

Membership Director

If you want to learn more about the Co-op, Ian is your guy! 

Ian and his wife Tracey have been members since 2013. After running the boat show for the co-op for a number of years as well as being the keel bolt team lead, Ian is in  his second year of being the membership coordinator

Sue Chapman

Director at large

Spent 10 years on the Executive from 2004-14. Helmsmen Award. Sailed the West Coast, Honduras, down the Baja, Croatia, NZ., BVI. 


Shawna Little


Shawna lives in Vancouver with her husband & two step daughters. A member since 2017, she enjoys sailing Howe Sound, Southern Gulf Islands, San Juan Islands and Desolation Sound. 

Fred Nolte

Director at large

Fred ruled the Co-op as as its President for many years.  If you need wisdom and guidance, Fred is your source.

Deb Gale


Deb has been a member since 2019 and enjoys sailing with her husband Pete and various other coop members.  As well as building skills and experience to hopefully depart on a long distance cruising adventure some day, the highlight of the coop membership for her is interacting with all the great people on and off the water.

Andrea Lemire

Director at large

Andrea is new to the coop (joined in October 2019) and new to sailing. Due to COVID,  she have had limited interactions with other members and the coop at large.Andrea would love to help wherever her communication and organization skills would come in handy.