Executive and Orientation 2020 Sailing Season

Fred Nolte


Fred rules the Co-op with an iron grip and his visage is too terrible for a profile picture. Not really. He’s a super sweet and helpful man that works very hard on the Co-op’s behalf. 

(He just hasn’t had time to give the Webmaster a bio so the Webmaster has responded in a  typical Canadian passive-aggressive manner.)

Joel Westereng

Vice President

A member since 2002 Joel has previously been a Boat Captain and Long Term Booking Coordinator. In addition to his role as Vice-President, Joel is also a Webmaster for the Co-op. When not attending to these duties he writes amusing (to him) Executive Biographies.

This is his third year on the Executive. 

Ken Murray


As Secretary, Ken takes the meeting minutes and is able to remind us of all the dumb things we say.  Even so, we are glad that he’s the Secretary.  Ken’s been a member since 2017.

Steve Cook


Steve has been a member since 2012 and you can find him on most club cruises during the season.

Vitali Didenko

Fleet Captain

A member since 2013, Vitali joined the Electrical Team from year one. This year he has stepped up even further and is Fleet Captain.
He loves sailing and sharing this passion with others. You can find Vitali on the water year-round. The season never ends for him. He dreams of sailing into the sunset… maybe across the Pacific to start with.

Michael Quick

Director at large

A long time member and Fleet Captain, Michael has happily passed the helm over to Vitali and now is serving as a Director at Large.

Ian Crook

Membership Director

If you want to learn more about the Co-op, Ian is your guy! 

If you want to learn more about Ian, this profile isn’t going to tell you much.

Richard Blackwell


Richard joined the Co-op in September of 2018 with minimal sailing experience and only recently before having earned his Basic Cruising Standard.  He has since found himself Boat Captain of Tinker Toy II (PotF), being Robin to John Maccrae’s Batman of Motors, and most recently, being hood-winked into Cruise Coordinator by that unassuming li’l trickster (not to mention learned skipper and all around great guy), John Binns.

Shawna Little


Shawna lives in Vancouver with her husband & two step daughters. A member since 2017, she enjoys sailing Howe Sound, Southern Gulf Islands, San Juan Islands and Desolation Sound. 

Sue Chapman

Director at large

Spent 10 years on the Executive from 2004-14. Helmsmen Award. Sailed the West Coast, Honduras, down the Baja, Croatia, NZ., BVI. 


Rebecca Frame


A member since 2018, Rebecca has a love for sailing and has been on several club cruises. Her goal is to have complete her Orientation Level 5 and be a full Skipper by the summer of 2019. This is her first year on the Executive.

Graham Dalton


 Stepping back from a member of the Executive,  Graham is stepping into the role of Orientation Coordinator. In additoin, he is Jingersnap’s Boat Captain.

Get to know Graham, because he’ll get to know you