Most frequent questions and answers

The Barnet Sailing Co-op is a non-profit organization. Each member pays an annual fee and must also contribute time towards maintenance, administration, and social events.
The cost of maintenance, insurance, moorage, etc. are covered by the fees and sailing permits. Members who purchase a sailing permit can sail on the Co-op’s 6 boats throughout the year. We offer 75 sailing permits, and a new membership is only offered to the public if a sailing permit is available.

For qualified members with sailing permits, we offer day sailing, short to midterm overnight sailing, and a long-term (7 day) booking during the summer sailing season. Additionally, we offer Sunday Sails and Club Cruises throughout the year to sail with your fellow members.

Burrard Civic1
Heather Civic1
Reed Point2
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Westport (near Sidney)1

In summer, usually one of the Reed Point boats moves to a cruising destination such as Pender Harbour, Lund, Point Roberts, Campbell River or other as voted by the membership. Westport Marina near Sidney and another one usually moves to Westview Marina in Powell River (or some other cruising destination).

Membership is full for the 2022 Sailing Season.  Sign up on our wait-list!

We only offer 75 sailing permits, and a new membership is offered to the public only when a sailing permit is available. Our sailing year starts November 1 to October 31. 

Annual Membership Fee

Applies to all members and includes website access, meetings and socials, and voting rights.

Current members who do not want a sailing permit for a given year only pay this Annual Fee, allowing them to remain in the Co-op. The member may purchase a sailing permit again in a future year. 

$75.00 per year*

Single Sailing Permit A single sailing permit grants the individual member sailing privileges for the year, including Club Cruises and Weekend Sails.$735.00 per year
($810 including Membership Fee)
Joint (Family) Sailing Permit

A joint sailing permit grants the member, along with their spouse and children, to sail during the year, and for they and their spouse to participate in Club Cruises and Sunday Sails.  Their children may also participate in Club Cruises/Sunday Sails, depending on the cruise/Sunday Sail skipper.

While both the member and their spouse may attend meetings and socials and have website access, only the member has voting rights.

$1025 per year
($1100 including Membership Fee)
Initiation Capital Assessment FeeThe Initiation Capital Assessments fee is paid by a new member and is currently $960.00. The fee is payable over 3 years. It helps to cover the costs of capital upgrades past and future for new members.  This fee includes your Cooperative share valued at $1.00.1st Year – $500.00
2nd Year – $285.00
3rd Year – $175.00
Waiting ListPeople who pay the waiting list fee will have priority in order of how long they are on the list when applying for membership in the Co-op when there is a vacancy. Those, on the waiting list, do not have any sailing privileges nor any voting privileges and are not considered Co-op members$40.00

The Barnet Sailing Cooperative requires that all members who join the Coop contribute to the Cooperative. This means that you contribute your time and skills for the betterment of the Coop. Your contribution can be in the form of administration or maintenance or both. 

For the sailing year of 2021/22 single sailing permit holders, 30 volunteer hours are expected. For a joint/family permit holder, 40 volunteer hours are expected.

The Cooperative has an executive of 12 elected directors. As well, there are a number of volunteer positions such as Orientation, Sunday Sails, Training, Advertising, which may appeal to the administrative minded.

On the maintenance side, we have a Fleet Captain responsible for the coordination of maintenance of our entire fleet. The fleet captain has an assistant, a captain for each boat and specialty crew leaders for the more technical aspects such as electrical, plumbing, motors, etc.. Each boat captain has one or two assistants and a crew. This way the work gets spread around to all members. Even if you hold an administrative position, it is encouraged for you to assist in maintenance so that you get to learn about the boats you are sailing.

If you like the social aspects, the social director is always looking for volunteers to assist in organizing dances, picnics and other social events.

Sailing experience is not necessary. Many of our members join with no sailing knowledge. Non-sailors are encouraged to join our Sunday Sails and Club Cruises in order to sail with more seasoned mates. Members also learn boat maintenance and repairs with hands on experience. With Covid-19 training is very limited. We suggest you have (CYA) Sail Canada Basic & VHF Marine Radio. Sailing schools are operating. There is also Coastal Navigation offered on-line, other courses and of course You Tube videos and apps for sailing and all the maintenance applications.

No, we are not a sailing school. However, when numbers permit, the Cooperative arranges CYA Certification programs for Basic and Intermediate Cruising, Coastal Navigation and VHF Radio License with qualified instructors for our members.  

Schools members have used in the past are

We recognize CYA (Sail Canada) certifications or the equivalent certifications from the American Yachting Association (AYA), Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and the Australian Yachting Association.

To book a boat for a day sail, one must have CYA Basic Cruising, VHF marine radio operators licence and completed the Co-op’s Orientation I-IV. To book a boat overnight or on a long term booking, CYA Coastal Navigation is also required along with the Co-op’s Orientation V checkout.