Maritime VHF Ceritification

The Coquitlam Amateur Radio Club will be hosting a Maritime VHF Certification Session March 23rd at 9am to challenge the Test.
(Located at Coqutilam Riverview Grounds)

There will be a Quick review session before the Examination.

The Cost per person is quite economical at $65 per person rather than the usual $120

If you wish to get your VHF License please see below links for Sign-Up and Test Material.

Note: – Maritime VHF Certification is needed to Obtain Orientation 4 –

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Sign up Link:


Test Material Link:

You can study in different ways.

  1. Open VBHomework and click on the modules.   (Download it First)
  2. Burn the CD ISO to a disk and enjoy a more interactive version. (Including DSC Simulator)
  3. Run File by File through the Review Power Points and Word Exam Samples, etc.
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