New Procedure at Thunderbird Marina

The key fob and parking pass are now onboard Weekend Pirate, hanging where the tank keys are kept.

To enter the marina, go to the office, identify yourself as a Barnet Coop member (no i.d. required) and indicate the slip number (E068). The office will then buzz you in.

Office hours are 8:00 to 5:00 weekdays and 8:00 to 4:30 on weekends. The office is closed on Sunday during the winter.

If using the boat on a Sunday during the winter, there will be staff available at the works yard who can buzz you in. Also, there is a security guard on duty 24/7 who can buzz you in.

As a backup, a second key fob is in a green binder directly below the BC Hydro meter by the front door at 3550 St Georges Ave, North Vancouver V7N 1V9. (Many thanks to Maarten and AJ for hosting the key fobs and sign out binder.)

There will be a limited number of key fobs available for purchase at the office. To purchase a key fob, you will need to have myself or Steve Cook contact the office first.  If you need your own key fob, please let me know. As mentioned, the number of key fobs available is limited.

Parking Pass: As mentioned, the parking pass is on board Weekend Pirate. Please remember to place the parking pass on your dashboard before heading out, and to return it to the boat when you leave.

If the parking pass goes missing, the office will be able to issue a temporary pass. If the office is not open, write the slip# on a piece of paper and place this on your dashboard.

Reminder: We can use one parking space only. Depending on the time of year, the office might be willing to issue an additional temporary pass, but certainly will not do so on summer weekends. If you are in multiple vehicles, you will need to use nearby street parking. You should not try to use a piece of paper with the slip number to try to get more than one parking space.

If there are questions, please let me know.

Happy sailing!

Thunderbird Marina – Location of Fobs & Parking Pass

Thunderbird Marina does not allow a lock-box. As an alternative, 1 parking pass, 2 fobs and a sign out sheet are available at a member’s home 5 minutes from the Highway on the way to the Marina.

    3550 St Georges Ave, North Vancouver V7N 1V9

    Green Binder directly below the BC Hydro meter by the front door

At this time of year, a temporary parking pass and fob can usually be obtained from the marina office. Additional fobs can be purchased from the office. The office is only open from 9-5 and closed Sunday & Monday.

The slip at Thunderbird Marina is E68 (go straight ahead when you get off the ramp).


Happy sailing!

Membership Meeting Minutes Jan 7 2019


Barnet Sailing Coop—General Meeting—January 7, 2019


David Schenkeveld Doug England Marie England
Sue Chapman Dominic Bernard Steve Cook
Chris Kowalchuk Sergiy Gryb Jean Munier
Matt Collingwood Steve Work Maarten Veerman
AJ Veerman Michael Quick Ken Murray
Gabriel Mora Tom Mayson Kelvin Worrall
Nico Viljoen Dragan Djuricanin John Bathhurst
Les McAusland Gustavo Rapaport Dennis Davis
Ian Crook Richard Blackwell Alex Harford
Jose Franca Joel Westereng  


Call To Order: 7:33 PM

Joel Westereng (Vice – President) chaired

Welcome to new members, Steve Work, Jose Franca and Nico Viljoen

Approved Agenda as posted with added item: Long term planning survey summary and report (Tom)


President – Fred Nolte sent regrets – Joel reported

Joel first presented the cruising survey results (John Binns sent regrets). In summary, we will continue to address the essential cruising function of the coop while at the same time trying to meet the needs of those whose best sailing opportunities are on long weekends and other prime times. Also, a cruise-planning meeting will be held in late January – early February. Let John know if you are interested in attending.

Joel then presented a summary of our situation at Thunderbird marina and the options going forward. Discussion was paused until other executive reports pertinent to this business were presented and then carried on as a business item below.

Treasurer’s Report- Steve Cook – Steve responded to questions regarding our income (we are a bit ahead of last year in terms of permits and memberships paid for), surpluses, and expenses (see Membership and Fleet).

Membership: Gabriel Mora – Welcome new members and all to get those certifications filed with him (including all pertinent info for verification). We currently have 11 sailing permits available – these should get paid for over the next few months…and we do not know yet what sort of help may be extended to the Lower Mainland Yacht Club members [who have lost their boats and will slowly be replacing them] or if this might have any affect whatsoever on our marina situation. (The executive is working on this).

Fleet: Michael Quick – The Boat Group meeting will be held Wednesday January 16 at 7:00. This is an important meeting to get reports on all of the boats and discuss maintenance and get a handle on how we might be able to reduce capital expenditures. All are welcome at BG meetings – you do not need to be a boat captain or maintenance specialist team leader. Michael has been in contact with Reed Point Marina regarding our options for saving money at the marina – the most important messages being that sub-letting space there may be difficult and of limited saving, and, that if we go to two slips (instead of the hammerhead’s moorage for 3 + boats) we will not be able to get the hammerhead back.

Long Term Bookings: Shawna sends regrets. Joel relayed information about Westport Marina (Sidney) that will undergo some renovation (larger slips, fewer of the size we need) and that if we give up a slip there, we will not be able to get it back. Westport is our most popular LTB location.

Orientation: Tom Mayson – 3 signed up for orientations 1 – 3 this Saturday Jan 12

Acceptance of Reports moved AJ Veerman/Richard Blackwell: Accepted


Thunderbird Marina

We now have a boat (Weekend Pirate) in slip E 68 at Thunderbird. Ken gave some information about the location and sailing hazards nearby. Parking pass and gate fobs will be kept at the Veerman’s on the north shore. (Lonsdale exit north of the upper level highway. Contact AJ or Maartin. Note the marina office seems to be good about lending a parking pass). The marina office is closed on Sundays in the winter. The contract for this slip expires at the end of March and we must give notice by February 14 if we wish to renew the contract. The slip will cost $5400 for the year from April 1 to March 31.

Our options include:

  1. Giving up the Thunderbird at the end of March
  1. Offsetting the cost of the slip and proposing an ordinary resolution for the balance by
    1. Giving up the hammerhead at Reed Point
    2. Reducing capital expenditures
    3. Subletting the space on the hammerhead
  2. Proposing a special resolution that we spend the full amount of moorage costs ($5400).

After discussion and clarification of options and their variations it was generally agreed that we wanted to avoid the options that were irreversible, that is, we should not give up slips or spaces that we could not get back. To that end it was generally agreed that we should be able to reduce our costs as best and reasonably as we can and go part way to offsetting the cost of the Thunderbird slip and that we should propose a resolution at the next meeting that we be allowed to spend up to $5400 to cover the moorage. The idea is that we do the best that we can to offset as much of the $5400 as possible. As this would be a special resolution (potentially more than the cost of one family membership), notice of motion will be given to the membership by January 21 to make the February 4th meeting a special general meeting to consider the motion; that notice will be posted on the website.

Long Term Planning Committee: Tom presented the results of the long term planning survey with comments about implications for planning and boat replacement in the near and long term. The summary of results are posted on the website (search ‘planning’ or LTPC)

Adjourn 9:17 PM

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