Executive Meeting Minutes Nov 26 2018

Lots to read…about Thunderbird Marina, cruises, meeting schedule, and more:

Attendees: Fred Nolte, Joel Westereng, Steve Cook, Ken Murray, Rebecca Frame, John Binns, Michael Quick, Gabriel Mora (by phone). Regrets: Tom Mayson (sent report), Shawna Little, Graham Dalton, Vitali Didenko

Call to order:      7:07        PM           Quorum:                 Yes         

Approval of minutes of the previous meeting Oct 29: Michael/John: approved


President’s Report: Fred Nolte – Congratulations to Rebecca for her work and team organization for the Winter Social that was, by all accounts, a great event; and to Joel for his and his team’s work on the new website. Fred also had information and encouragement for us all on conducting meetings that are efficient, respectful, and result in positive outcomes for all co-op members. Brevity, respect for others’ ideas, adherence to the topic at hand, and preparation (such as formulating motions beforehand) were all on the list of encouragements.

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Cook gave an update on the budget including fees paid etc. Postal job action may be causing some delays in our receiving cheques. There were a few questions on line items that Steve (new treasurer) will consult with Jan (previous treasurer) for details and previous practice.

Fleet: Michael Quick – winterizing is going well. Graham is working with Brenda (person who sews canvas at Reed Point Marina) on a prototype canvas tarp to provide better winter protection for our boats.

Orientation: Tom Mayson (sent report by email) – There have been four 1-3 Orientations since the last Exc. mtg. with
Stephen, Tamiko, Dennis and Joel having completed these stages. There are three more to be completed, when a common time needs to be worked out.

Membership: Gabriel Mora (by phone) – Discussion with Joel, Steve and Rebecca about: updating/coordinating members-paid and qualifications lists and regarding contacts with new members re social activities and orientations. We are all getting used to using the new website as a ‘record of source’ for this information.

Cruises: John Binns – Lots of discussion about meeting the needs of new members while at the same time creating more interest in cruises and social activities. It was generally agreed and strongly felt that maintaining the social learning aspects of this co-op is paramount, that this is not simply a boat-sharing group but a sailing/learning community and that cruises are a central activity of this community. In addition there was some discussion about extending the community spirit within the coop and enhancing the social experiences on cruises and at meetings.

Vice-President (Technology): Joel Westereng – In addition to the background on issues discussed above (under membership), Joel reminded us of the new ‘executive discussion’ function on the new website that could replace the current email list discussions that we have.

Business Items

  1. Thunderbird Marina: The slip that we have acquired will be up for renewal in March and we must make a decision on renewal by February 14. We have two membership meetings before that (January 7 and February 4) for members to make the decision. It will be our job to present clear options to the membership. We have received a number of comments and it seems to be generally felt that we must maintain a slip at Westport (Sidney). In preparation for the next meeting we will be investigating and providing numbers for the following options if we are to keep the Thunderbird slip (And there may be other options):
  • simply absorbing the cost of the new slip (with or without an extra summer slip elsewhere)
  • giving up the hammerhead at Reed point and reducing costs there (and what that might involve)
  • subletting part of the hammerhead part-time

2. Executive Role Review – Roles reviewed are listed in the Orientation documents; we also discussed that there may some updating required as roles evolve vis a vis the use of the new website.

  1. Volunteer Proposal: Gustavo has volunteered to help members prepare to challenge the Sail Canada Navigation exams in return for volunteer hours. This was well received and supported by the executive. This item was tabled for the next exec meeting so we (Ken) can prepare a motion with wording that addresses this sort of volunteer work in general especially respecting that our volunteers might not be certified by Sail Canada to “teach” the navigation course; they are only helping members to challenge an exam.
  1. Meeting Schedule for 2019 – The following schedule is proposed for 2019 pending negotiations/approval from Burnaby Winter Club


Thurs 03-Jan Executive Meeting
Mon 07-Jan Membership Meeting
Thurs 17-Jan Boat Group Meeting
Mon 28-Jan Exec
Mon 04-Feb Membership
Thurs 21-Feb Boat
Mon 25-Feb Exec
Mon 04-Mar Membership
Thurs 21-Mar Boat
Mon 25-Mar Exec
Mon 01-Apr Membership
Thurs 18-Apr Boat * (Apr 19 is Good Friday)
Mon 29-Apr Exec
Mon 06-May Membership
Thurs16-May Boat
Mon 27-May Exec
Mon 03-Jun Membership
Thurs 20-Jun Boat
Thurs 05 – Sept Exec
Thurs 19-Sep Boat
Mon 30-Sep Exec
Mon 07-Oct Membership
Thurs 17-Oct Boat
Mon 28-Oct Exec
Mon 04-Nov Annual General Meeting
Sat 16-Nov Holiday event (to confirm)
Mon 25-Nov Exec


Adjourn – 9:03 PM

AGM Minutes from Nov 5

This is a draft – please check that names are correct, especially new members that were introduced – I missed at least one. (send by comment)


Barnet Sailing Coop—Annual General Meeting—October 1, 2018


David Schenkeveld

Jan Tupniak

Albert Schofield

Sue Schenkeveld

Dominic Bernard

Steve Cook

Chris Kowalchuk

Joel Westereng

Jean Munier

Rebecca Frame

Lyall Cullum

Jan O’Brien

Ray Bishop

Fred Nolte

Ken Murray

Gabriel Mora

Tom Mayson

Shawna Little

Vitali Didenko

Evan Gatehouse

Dennis Davis

Les McAusland

Mike LeBlanc

Michael Quick

Doug England

David Marriott

Jose Luiz Rego De Franca

Marie England

Judith Vosko

Peter Dixon

Lana Fraidenberguer

Steen Lauridsen

David Querbach

Mark Shaw

Graham Dalton

Sue Querbach

Sorin Almasan

Jan Tupniak

Stephen Culhane

Anne Murney

Andrea Rapaport

Sue Chapman

Doug Murney

Gustavo Rapaport

Cliff Harvey

Brenda Beck

John Binns

Richard Xi

Richard Blackwell

Connie Baxter



Call To Order: 7:37 PM

Approval of previous minutes:

Minutes from previous two meetings, Sept 10 and Oct 1: Moved Michael Quick/David Querbach: Carried



President – Fred Nolte: Welcomed members and noted many positives from the year: many new members, long-time members returning to the club, and lots of discussion (boat replacement, long term planning, cruising, boat availability, marina/location choices, long term booking…) that we strongly support and will shepherd so that the membership is fully involved in the decision making. Also commended the work done by many (Joel, Alex and others) on developing our website.

Membership – Gabriel Mora: We are in great shape membership-wise. Welcome to new members: Morgan Cartier, Stephen Culhane, Jose Franca, Alex Harford present as well as others just coming on-line.

Cruises – John Binns: Please see and complete the survey (posted today on website) to help us organize cruises to best suit members needs.

Orientation – Tom Mayson: Reminder to new members to contact Tom regarding orientation. Also Richard Blackwell added praise; commending the work done through the orientation process as well as the sails and cruises and the maintenance work, all as an excellent learning process for all members.

Fleet – Michael Quick: We are in good shape. Michael praised the excellent work done this year and on the early haul-out of Jinjersnap and cosmetic work done on its keel. The Fleet Captain’s Report (posted to the boat group members Nov. 6) will form the basis of January’s boat-group meeting and the planning of winter haul-outs. If you are interested in boat maintenance, you are welcome to the boat-group meetings. See the calendar on the website.

Long Term Bookings – Shawna Little: held the draw for Vancouver Aquarium tickets (for LTB survey completion) won by Neil Watson.

New Website – Joel Westereng: quick demo of the ‘Calendar’ page on the website which now includes a sign-up function.

Election of coop executive officers and directors

Chaired by Jan O’Brien (outgoing treasurer)

The following slate was acclaimed by the membership:






Fred Nolte


Steve Cook


Ken Murray



Fleet Captain

Michael Quick

Vice President

Joel Westereng

Long Term Bookings

Shawna Little


Tom Mayson


John Binns

Social Coordinator

Rebecca Frame

Membership Coordinator

Gabriel Mora

Member at Large

Vitali Didenko

Member at Large

Graham Dalton

(Also note that Chris Kowalchuk has agreed to take on the Quartermaster volunteer position in cooperation with Connie Baxter).

Treasurer’s Report – Jan O’Brien:


  1. Acceptance of proposed capital expenditures (see below) Moved: Shawna Little/Connie Baxter. Carried
  2. Acceptance of the Fiscal 2018 budget (see below) Moved: John Binns/Evan Gatehouse. Carried

Other, budget related, motions

  1. Minimum work hours to be completed by April 30 shall be 80% of the 30 hours – single (40 hours – joint) to be eligible for all sailing Moved: Doug Murney/Shawna Little. Carried
  2. Rate for payment in lieu of work hours shall be $20 per hour Moved: Joel Westereng/Shawna Little. Carried
  3. Sailing Permit Fees for 2019 – 2020 (Fiscal Year 2020) to increase by 2.5% rounded down to nearest $5 as per past practice Moved: Judith Vosko/Evan Gatehouse. Carried

Awards: presented by Graham Dalton:

Eager Beaver award to Steve Cook

Helmsman award to Sikee Liu

Also, Jan O’Brien and Connie Baxter were recognized for their long-serving and excellent work as Treasurer (Jan) and Quartermaster (Connie).

Adjourn 8:39 PM


Budget Addenda:

 1. Year End  2018

Barnet Sailing Coop.      
Year End Financial Statement      
October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2018      
Membership Income:        
Capital Assessment $6,825.00   $8,894.97  
Joint Sailing Permit $19,895.00   $18,155.76  
Membership fees $4,250.00   $7,214.31  
Single Sailing Permit $32,240.00   $30,359.96  
Hours Income        
Waitlist $120.00      
Total Membership $63,210.00   $64,625.00  
Other Income:        
General Income $500.00   $543.35  
Interest $40.00   $34.06  
Equipment Sale $1,500.00   $165.00  
Socials $200.00   $1,368.00  
Total Other $2,240.00   $2,110.41  
Total Income $65,450.00   $66,735.41  
Directors’ Liability $940.00   $936.00  
Vessel Protection & Indemnity $1,500.00   $1,500.00  
Vessel Hull & Machinery $2,070.00   $2,148.00  
Total Insurance $4,510.00   $4,584.00  
Acitivity & Overhead        
Advertising $300.00      
Bank Charges $25.00      
Boat Show $1,300.00   $1,689.05  
Meetings/Membership $1,700.00   $1,723.17  
Office Supplies $650.00   $654.42  
Social Committee $350.00   $1,536.04  
Web $180.00   $447.18  
Radio Licence $216.00   $216.00  
Total Activity & Overhead $4,721.00   $6,265.86  
Burrard Civic Marina $8,850.00   $9,706.67  
Reed Point Marina $13,350.00   $13,946.97  
Westport Marina $4,000.00   $3,818.54  
Summer Marina $2,000.00   $1,093.05  
Total Moorage $28,200.00   $28,565.23  
Repairs, Maintenance & Capital Improvements          
General Maintenance     $2,804.78  
Honeybee $2,600.00   $1,593.23  
Jingersnap $3,800.00   $2,991.54  
Mookie $2,600.00   $2,504.98  
My Way $4,300.00   $2,667.83  
Tinkertoy II $2,600.00   $3,276.87  
Weekend Pirate $7,400.00   $6,457.85  
Total Repairs, Maintenance & Capital Improvements $23,300.00   $22,297.08  
Total Expense $60,731.00   $61,712.17  
Net Income $4,719.00   $5,023.24  

2. BUDGET For Year 2019





Membership Income:


Capital Assessment



Single Sailing Permit



Joint Sailing Permit



Membership fees



Hours Income




Total Membership



Other Income:


General Income






Equipment Sale






Total Other



Total Income







Directors’ Liability



Vessel Protection & Indemnity



Vessel Hull & Machinery



Total Insurance



Acitivity & Overhead





Bank Charges



Boat Show






Office Supplies



Social Committee






Radio Licence



Total Activity & Overhead





Burrard Civic Marina



Reed Point Marina



Westport Marina



Summer Marina



Total Moorage



Repairs, Maintenance & Capital Improvements


General Maintenance



Capital Imp



















My Way



My Way



Tinkertoy II



Tinkertoy II



Weekend Pirate



Weekend Pirate



Total Repairs, Maintenance & Capital Improvements



Total Budget




Total Expense



Net Income





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