We’ve got sailing permits for 2019!

Did you know that the coop has sailing permits available?  Can you think of someone you know that would be interested in joining in 2019?  Gabriel does an amazing job recruiting members but each and every one of us responsible for being ambassadors for the coop.

The number one source of new members is the personal networks of our current members.  Maybe you crew on a racing boat with someone you think would be a good member or you work with someone that is a sailor…now is the time to mention to these people that we’ve got space! Don’t wait until the summer when we are full again.  Many of us have time off over the holidays making this is a great time to meet up with our friends/colleagues for some hot chocolate and a short power/sail to introduce them to coop life.

Membership Meeting Minutes Oct 1 2018


Barnet Sailing Coop—General Meeting—October 1, 2018


David Schenkeveld Jan Tupniak Albert Schofield
Sue Schenkeveld Dominic Bernard Steve Cook
Chris Kowalchuk Sergiy Gryb Jean Munier
Rebecca Frame Lyall Cullum Maarten Veerman
AJ Veerman Fred Nolte Ken Murray
Gabriel Mora Tom Mayson Shawna Little
Vitali Didenko Tonnie van Ginkel John Bathhurst
Les McAusland Gustavo Rapaport Dennis Davis
Ian Crook Tracey Hulme Evan Gatehouse
Mike LeBlanc Joel Westereng Michael Quick


Call To Order: 7:40 PM

Welcome to new members

Approval of previous minutes:

(The minutes for Sept 10 meeting were not available for viewing, approval is tabled to the Nov 5 AGM).


President – Fred Nolte: There are upcoming executive and volunteer vacancies:

  • Treasurer
  • Quartermaster (Could be a split job – someone needed at least to do the work hour accounting).
  • (Later in the meeting, Vitali Didenko was nominated (AJ) and he accepted the vacant Member At Large Position)

Reminder: Membership fees are due now. If fees are not paid by the night of the AGM unpaid sailing permits will be offered to returning members and persons on the waiting list.


Treasurer’s Report- Fred Nolte (for Jan O’Brien)

  • There are no material changes to the Profit and Loss statement given Sept 10.
  • A year end statement should be ready mid-October
  • Balance in our account is currently $18,500 (This is not a surplus as it includes (we think) some of next years fees already paid).


Fleet: Michael Quick reported on an excellent boat meeting held on Sept 20 where winter boat maintenance plans for each boat are well underway. Haul-out of Jinjersnap planned for Friday Oct 5

Long Term Bookings: Shawna Little- LTB Survey is due next Monday the 8th. Thank you to all and many who have already completed.


Orientation: Tom Mayson – Turkey basters for keeping the bilge dry and squeegees for cleaning have disappeared – please return them and do not use them for Thanksgiving turkeys. All up to date on recent orientations – new members contact Tom. Come out to Saturday sails and learn to use an asymmetrical sail.

Membership: Gabriel Mora – We are in great shape – four on the waiting list. Get cheques in by the AGM (Nov 5) so that you don’t lose your sailing permit to someone on the wait list. They can be mailed to the PO box that will be checked before the AGM.

Cruises: Fred Nolte (for John Binns )

  • There will be no Thanksgiving cruise this year
  • A Christmas Lights cruise has not been finalised. More to follow
  • A reminder: All members with sailing permits must contribute 30 hours (40 hours joint) annually. 80% of these hours must be completed by April 30, or member will be deemed not in good standing and have their sailing permits suspended. (rule 55a)
  • Tracking of work hours this year shows a number of members did not contribute their minimum work hours or did not submit their work hours. (The new website should help us here).
  • Upon requests by a member and approval by the executive, an additional fee may be charged in lieu of work hours. (rule 55b)


Special Reports

New DFO Marine Mammal Regulations – Shawna Little gave a summary of the revised regulations and enforcement changes. A link to her presentation has been posted. Quick notes: fines starting at $100,000 on recreational boaters for bad behaviour. Shawna showed slides of good and bad. Encroachment distance is now set at 200m for orcas. (The length of 2 rugby pitches…football fields) Even in our boats at 6kts, you could be fined for ‘chasing’ a pod of orcas. Don’t do it. Leave them alone – seals and porpoises too. Porpoises in your bow wave? – Gradually reduce speed and don’t alter course. Also though, don’t purposefully travel through a large group of dolphins/porpoises. (Could be a challenge off Pt. Atkinson).

Thunderbird Marina Committee: Gustavo presented initial research findings of this committee – history, costs, proximities, pros and cons etc. (also posted?) Send questions, comments, and input to Gustavo, AJ or Gabriel

Bigger Boat Committee / Long Term Planning Committee Tom / Vitali: (A Boat replacement committee was struck at the March 5 Membership meeting with Tom to lead). Tom gave a brief history and context for the notion of boat replacement. Vitali extended this to the need for, and discussions of, a long term plan to be in place for a number of ‘What-ifs’. A survey is to come. If you want to join the discussion contact Tom or Vitali.


New Business:

Agenda Items for AGM Nov 5. Discussion was mostly connected to long term planning issues with interest in comments regarding budgetary planning for contingency and the setting of specific contingency fund goals. This discussion will carry forward to the Executive meeting at BWC on Monday October 29

Social Event – Rebecca Frame has stepped in to the social coordinator position. A winter social event at Burnaby Winter Club is planned for Saturday Nov 17. See News item on the new website.

Adjourn 9:25

Membership Meeting Minutes Sept 10 2018


Barnet Sailing Coop—General Meeting—September 10, 2018 at Burnaby Winter Club


Andrea Rapaport Gustavo Rapaport Richard Blackwell
Sue Chapman Mike Leblanc Les McAusland
AJ Veerman Maarten Veerman Tom Mayson
Ray Bishop Kelvin Worral Steve Cook
Rebecca Frame Graham Dalton Shawna Little
Gabriel Mora Anne Murney Fred Nolte
Vitali Didenko Michael Quick Dragan Djuricanin
John Binns Joel Westereng Steve Work
Lana Fraidenberguer    


Call to Order: 7:38 PM

Introduction of new members: Richard Blackwell and Steve Work

Approval of agenda: Tom Mayson; Add Boat replacement and AJ Veerman; Add Thunderbird marina

Approval of previous minutes:

Minutes for General Meeting on June 4, 2018 Tom Mayson/Shawna Little Carried



President: Fred Nolte: There are upcoming executive and volunteer vacancies:

  • Treasurer -Prefer a volunteer to paid position, not necessary to be an accountant.
  • Social Director
  • Quartermaster
  • Member at large

Treasurer’s Report: Fred Nolte for Jan O’Brien: Income same as budget. Net income is $5000. Graham Dalton wanted more detailed breakdown of costs by boat, if available. Michael Quick said that this would be useful for the boat meeting. Most info comes from Inlet Marine. Acceptance moved Les McAusland/Anne Murney: Carried

Fleet: Michael Quick – Two impacts with rocks were reported on Jinjersnap, it is positive that they were reported. Under water inspections were carried out with no major damage noted. They will be raised on the tidal grid at Burrard for inspection.

Weekend Pirate impact against dock in Howe Sound was result of propeller being fouled after running over a crab trap. Unable to hoist the main, jib was unfurled but boat could only sail downwind. Boat hit jetty at a marina. This is being treated as an accident with no penalty to the skipper.

Long term bookings: Shawna Little. 24 TTBs in 2018 better than 2017. As follow up a survey will be conducted with a prize.

Orientation Tom Mayson- Has been working with Gabriel Mora to carry out orientations 1-3 promptly for new members, only 1 orientation outstanding.

Membership: Gabriel Mora: Membership is full with 2 people on waiting list for 2019.

Cruises: John Binns: 10 day Labour Day cruise to Gulf Islands was successful. Cruises in general during 2018 were not well attended. Fewer new skippers are sailing on cruises, they prefer to sail with family. This seems to be a demographic change within the coop and we will adapt the cruising programme to respond to this. To confirm members’ preference, a survey will be sent out in October.

Special business:

  1. AJ Veerman proposed a motion to set up a group to consider Thunderbird marina as a marina for 1 of our boats. Seconded by Vitali Didenko and Fred Nolte will sponsor from the executive. The group will research pros & cons and present to membership before budget.
  2. Vitali Didenko (for Tom Mayson) on boat replacement. 3 options are being proposed for buying a bigger boat e.g. 30 to 34 ft boat.
    1. Add the boat to the existing fleet, money raised by increasing fees or adding new members, up to 90?
    2. New coop. A group of 8-15 people would break away from BSC and buy the bigger boat. This could be an arrangement similar to the Ambleside coop.
    3. Coop within a coop. A group of 15 members would buy the boat between them and would pay a per use fee to cover maintenance. Other members would have to sell a Catalina 27 or add members to cover the cost of the 6 Catalina 27s.

A motion was proposed by Vitali Didenko, seconded by Maarten Veerman to set up a group to study the 3 options. Carried

Presentation by Joel Westereng on the new coop web site:

Joel gave a live demonstration using the new web site of:

  1. Home page
  2. Member Profiles
  3. Booking a boat
  4. Signing up for a cruise
  5. Submit volunteer hours
  6. Submit expenses

Joel encouraged all members to use the new web site. The audience was very appreciative of the presentation and the great progress made and showed their appreciation in the usual way.

Motion to adjourn by Fred Nolte, seconded by Anne Murney at 9.16 pm


Membership Meeting Minutes June 4 2018


Barnet Sailing Coop—General Meeting—June 4, 2018


Michael LeBlanc Vitali Didenko Jan Tupniak
John Bathurst Ana Ristic Wayne Kowalchuk
Anne Murney Evan Gatehouse Chris Kowalchuk
Diane Selkirk Dragan Djuricanin Joel Westereng
Kelly Worrall Tonnie VanGinkel Sorin Almasan
John Binns Kim Lepp Ed Lepp
Steve Cook Jan O’Brien Lana Fraidenberquer
Sergiy Gryb Les McAusland Michael Quick
Ken Murray Graham Dalton Gabriel Mora


Call to Order: 7:39 PM

Chair: Joel Westereng – Vice President

Welcome and introductions for 3 new members: Evan Gatehouse, Diane Selkirk, Sergiy Gryb

Approval of previous minutes:

Minutes for General Meeting on May 2, 2018 Jan T / Steve C. Carried



President: n/a

Treasurer’s Report: Jan O’Brien presented as attached below. She fielded questions re estimates and shortfalls. Acceptance: Graham D/ Mike LeBlanc: Carried

Membership: Gabriel Mora: see new members above.

Fleet: Michael Quick – ‘My Way’ motor – issue may have been with auto – choke linkage that was not disengaging. Ed and Michael have worked on and lubricated – seems to be fine. See note posted to Barnacle june 2. Also, John McRae has the dinghy motor running smoothly. Graham voiced concerns about maintenance costs for particular boats (see treasurer’s report)

Cruise Coordinator: John Binns: Just informed about the Catalina Roundup July 13 – 15 on Thetis island No plans to join as a club. (Post meeting note – couldn’t find any info on the web re this rendezvous).

The Canada Day weekend cruise is to Winter Harbour (Saturna) for a lamb BBQ. (Annual event that has been happening on Saturna since 1950.  Information at: http://www.saturnalambbarbeque.ca/ ) Plan is to arrive early on Saturday to get space in the anchorage. More info re: tides and plans to come.

Vitali Didenko is organizing the Family cruise – lots of interest but may have to split into two weekends June 16, 17 and June 22 – 24. Mike LeBlanc reminded us that there is lots of room on Saturday and Sunday sails – don’t be shy, sign up!


Other Business:

Michael Quick reminded us to be cautious and find out and know the documentation requirements and reporting-in procedures to CBP (Customs and Border Protection) noting that US law enforcement agents may search a boat for any reason near the border, and of course, substances (even residues) that may be legal here and/or there may not be taken across the border.


Presentation:  Joel Westereng – New Website Update

Joel gave us a peek at possible themes and workability of a new co-op website that he and his committee are working on, and he answered questions about phasing-in from the old site (in the fall, possibly), timelines, security issues and approaches, visitor experience, etc. Well received – a positive response to a move into this decade.



Barnet Sailing Coop.      
Profit and Loss      
October 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018      
Income BUDGET   To May 31, 2018  
Membership Income:        
Capital Assessment  $6,825.00   6,744.97  
Joint Sailing Permit  $19,895.00   18,155.76  
Membership fees  $4,250.00   6,765.48  
Single Sailing Permit  $32,240.00   29,198.79  
Hours Income        
Waitlist  $120.00      
Total Membership  $63,210.00   $60,865.00   
Other Income:        
General Income  $500.00   543.35  
Interest  $40.00      
Equipment Sale  $1,500.00      
Socials  $200.00   1,368.00  
Total Other  $2,240.00   $1,911.35   
Total Income  $65,450.00   $62,776.35   
Directors’ Liability  $940.00   936.00  
Vessel Protection & Indemnity  $1,500.00      
Vessel Hull & Machinery  $2,070.00   36.00  
Total Insurance  $4,510.00   $972.00   
Acitivity & Overhead        
Advertising  $300.00      
Bank Charges  $25.00      
Boat Show  $1,300.00   1,523.67  
Meetings/Membership  $1,700.00   1,723.17  
Office Supplies  $650.00   396.94  
Social Committee  $350.00   1,536.04  
Web  $180.00   194.22  
Radio Licence  $216.00   216.00  
Total Activity & Overhead  $4,721.00   $5,590.04   
Burrard Civic Marina $8,850.00   9,320.87  
Reed Point Marina $13,350.00   13,743.00  
Westport Marina $4,000.00   3,818.54  
Summer Marina $2,000.00      
Total Moorage  $28,200.00   $26,882.41   
Repairs, Maintenance & Capital Improvements        
General Maintenance     2,180.14  
Honeybee  $2,600.00   1,495.61  
Jingersnap  $3,800.00   2,654.38  
Mookie  $2,600.00   2,366.04  
My Way  $4,300.00   2,528.59  
Tinkertoy II  $2,600.00   3,129.58  
Weekend Pirate  $7,400.00   6,081.49  
Total Repairs, Maintenance & Capital Improvements  $23,300.00   $20,435.83   
Total Expense  $60,731.00   $53,880.28   
Net Income  $4,719.00   $8,896.07   


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