Minutes – Executive Meeting April 29

Minutes – Executive Meeting – April 29, 2019

Attending: John Binns, Vitali Didenko, Shawna Calderwood, Joel Westereng, Michael Quick, Tom Mayson, Rebecca Frame, Steve Cook, Ken Murray. Chair: Fred Nolte. Regrets: Graham Dalton, Gabriel Mora (sent report)

Call to Order: 7:05 PM

Acceptance of Minutes of previous meeting March 25 – Shawna/Joel: Accepted


President: Fred deferred to business and reports to follow

Fleet: Michael reported that the engines are now all in good repair. We want to get on with selling our old motors (2 of them). Michael is suggesting a review of our orientation procedures around giving people practice using the motors in different situations, especially using reverse under difficult wind or current situations. No motion arose – much of our ‘training’ in this area is situational and informal, but Michael and others will be approached to do a presentation and possibly training clinics on using the motors in tight situations.

Technology: Joel gave a demonstration of some of the ‘user insights’ functions of the website dashboard. This led to a discussion of posting Volunteer Hours which are easy to claim and have an up-to-date tally on the website. (Not all of the executive members have kept up to date – we must do that). Specialty team leaders will be added to the list of people who can approve volunteer-hour claims. Shawna has had to work with members seeking Long Term Bookings who are having trouble getting their hours (80% by end of April). She cannot hold LTB places for members without hours. We have a provision in our rules for paying for hours in lieu at the rate of $20 per hour. We have agreed that members can pay for hours in time to complete bookings and that the payments will be returned when/if the hours are completed in the summer. Executive members and specialist team members are encouraged to help members find appropriate hours.

Treasurer: Steve noted that we are above budget for income (all sailing permits are taken) and below budget for expenses. Steve is also completing the liability insurance information filing.

Social: Rebecca has a number of historical coop pictures to be scanned. If you have a scanner, you could get a volunteer hour or two this way. Contact Rebecca if you can volunteer.

Membership: Gabriel could not attend but sent a report with issues that have come up in his working with the membership list. One issue is the uploading of members’ sailing credentials to the website – Joel will work on gaps in those procedures. Another is the Power and Sail Squadron seeking a reciprocal but informal ‘advertising’ arrangement with the coop (We encourage members to find out about them and they let their members know about us and what we offer). – Fred will follow up.

Cruises: John noted that the weather has been a challenge. Both the Nightsail and the Orientation V cruises were postponed or cancelled. The Orientation IV cruises were downgraded to Reed Pt. – the Saturday cruise had rain and hail so stayed dockside, while the Sunday sail led by Michael Leblanc had good sailing.

Long Term Bookings: Shawna has the schedule done and posted. See also the discussion about volunteer hours in the Technology report above.

Orientation: Tom notes new member orientations are progressing well.

New Business

  1. The Lock box at Burrard – has been removed and stored below the office (accessible only office hours). We are working on this but may have to resort to plan similar to Thunderbird where a FOB and parking passes are stored on-board.
  2. Long Term Planning Committee – presented their recommendations (attached below), these were tabled for executive discussion (on-line) and eventual presentation to the membership as motions.


Adjourn: 9:30 PM

Attachment: RECOMMENDATIONS of the 2108 – 19 LTPC

Recommendation #1 (Exit Survey)

•       An exit survey will be initiated soon to try to identify reasons for the annual turnover of members.

Recommendation #2A(Replacement Boats)

•       The fleet is aging.  In five years the BSC will be holding a 50th Anniversary of many of the boats.  The BSC should have a Ten Year Boat Replacement Plan.  The Plan would be to replace 3 to 4 of the Catalina 27s with Catalina 30s over this ten year period and potentially add a 34 foot boat.

Recommendation 2B

The BSC strike a Boat Search Committee that is tasked to search the market to find the compromise of cost, quality, age, equity, etc of the Incoming Catalina 30s.  Hopefully, at least TWO recommendations would be presented to the Executive and members to consider as the next boat.

Recommendation #3(Funding)

Add an annual budget line item dedicated as the Fleet Replacement Fund.  The LTPC would recommend $5,000 annually.  This would be in effect(assuming the LTPC 2018-19 is accepted) until the Boat Replacement Plan is complete.

Recommendation #4(Training)

A committee be struck to create the next Orientation level in anticipation of the BSC accepting the LTPC of 2018-19.

Recommendation #5 (Financial Plan)

The LTPC recommends the BSC establish a Financial Committee as part of the treasurer’s position to review and analyse, but not limited to:
•       Cost/value of current expenditures.
•       Price of sailing permits.
•       Short and long term financial goals.
•       The value of the fleet.
•       Value added goals for the club.
•       Maintenance cost controls-with the plan of developing a budget.
•       Haul out plans.
•       Annual outboard replacement plan.
•       More ideas by members.

After developing a budget the Finance Committee should review the different funding models to support the capital cost and increased maintenance costs of larger boats. These may include, but not limited
•       Accepting personnel (Interest free) loans from members.
•       Larger boat user fees.
•       Expansion of membership,
•       Reviewing fleet size.

Recommendation #6 (larger slip waiting list)

•       The BSC should apply for two 30 foot slips at Heather Marina.
Note: A motion was approved at the last General meeting to apply for two 30 foot slips at Burrard civic marina.  The BSC is on the 30 foot waiting list at Burrard Civic.

Recommendation #7 (future larger boat waiting list)

•       The BSC should apply for a 34 foot slip at Thunderbird Marina.
This may be a ten year wait. The cost to apply is not known, but should be a nominal fee. For a small fee this ensures future BSC members an opportunity to further their sailing goals.

Recommendation #8 (Sell one boat)

•       If the BSC votes for replacing boats, the BSC should prepare a boat to be sold. It is a buyers market, thus a quick sale may not be achieved. With the sale of a boat and moorage available, the BSC can actively search the market for the first Replacement Boat.

Minutes – Executive Meeting – Mar 25

Reminder: Membership Meeting is Monday April 1 at 7:30 (see agenda on the calendar)

Minutes – Executive Meeting Mar 24

Call to order:      7:11        PM

Quorum                 Yes         

Approval of minutes of the previous meeting Feb 25, 2019: Michael/Graham: approved


President’s Report:
Fred Nolte – The audit/review of our books is completed and successful. We are keeping an open mind about the situation and changes at Burrard Civic – other sailing organizations may not be as happy or treated as well as we have. The dinghies kept in the compound are a challenge – do not attempt to wheel them down the precarious and slick launching ramp; get instructions on using the small boat crane to lower the dinghy into the water… we may be able to get Geoff Baile to produce an instructional video on using the crane at Burrard. At another marina, Thunderbird, the process now is to leave a fob and parking pass onboard Weekend Pirate, that is, find an office person, security worker, other worker or sailor to let you into the marina and get the pass and fob that is onboard to put in your car and do your loading…and at the end of your sail, leave fob and parking pass on the boat.

Treasurer’s Report and: Steve let us know that we are in good shape with over $49 000 in our account with a few expenses to come (second and third haul-outs, Reed Point moorage and others). 2 new members’ cheques are also to arrive. Profit/Loss statement to be presented at the next membership meeting April 1.

Fleet: Michael Quick – Weekend Pirate haulout to come – good sign-up for that. Mookie was surveyed and a significant bulkhead repair/replacement is needed – Michael to confer with Michael LeBlanc (woodwork) on said repair. Motor repairs are in the works: one seriously twisted prop shaft is being worked on, and the Honeybee motor – transmission connection is awaiting parts. Michael will report on costs.

Membership Report: Gabriel – let us know that we have only 3 sailing permits left.

Cruises: John Binns sent a report – Excellent Brass Monkey weekend (14 sailors) though generally light winds. (It wasn’t just about the sailing). Only 5 signups for Night sail including Geoff and John, hopefully Geoff’s talk at the April meeting will generate more interest. Seven signups as crew for training cruise 27-28 April, 3 skippers required for orientations 4/5.

We had some discussion about cruises (in John’s absence) regarding the availability of boats on cruise weekends. It was recalled that during the discussions about the appeal of taking on a moorage at Thunderbird Marina, it had been proposed (but not formally moved) that the boat at Thunderbird should be reserved for ‘day’ use. (Not LTB and not cruises…though that may not have been clear). It was Moved (Gabriel/Ken) that a boat at Thunderbird be the last boat considered for cruise use. Amended (Michael/Steve) to add that when feasible/reasonable boats at Reed Point should be the first boats to be filled for a cruise. [The Night Sail is an example of when this might not be reasonable]. Carried as amended

We also discussed reports of boats that were not re-fueled after use. An item will be posted and put on the next membership meeting to remind members that: You should re-fuel after using a boat. If it is not possible (fuel dock may be closed) then leave $6 for each hour that the motor was turned on. (This is in the Orientation 1 document, which we all should know).

Long Term Bookings: For various reasons, few of the LTB request forms have been submitted. They are due April 8. Shawna will not be available at the membership meeting but Joel will be receiving LTB forms. See Shawna’s posts at News on the website.

Long Term Planning Committee: Tom gave an outline of committee revised recommendations. He will present these at the next membership meeting.

Adjourn: 9:13 PM

Attendees: Fred Nolte, Steve Cook, Ken Murray, Michael Quick, Tom Mayson, Graham Dalton, Vitali Didenko, Shawna Little; Also Gabriel Mora (by phone). Regrets: John Binns (sent report), Joel Westereng, Rebecca Frame.

Executive Meeting Minutes Feb 25

At Burnaby Winter Club

Attendees: Joel Westereng, Steve Cook, Ken Murray, Michael Quick, Vitali Didenko, Gabriel Mora, Rebecca Frame, also Shawna Little (by phone). Regrets: Fred Nolte (sent report), John Binns (sent report), Tom Mayson, Graham Dalton.

Chair: Joel Westereng

Call to order:      7:11        PM      

Approval of minutes of the previous meeting Jan 28, 2019: Joel/Rebecca approved


Treasurers Report and Membership Report: Steve and Gabriel – we are only 6 permits short of capacity, but there are two new member applications being processed this week and 4 others showing interest and ‘in the works’. Steve let us know that we have the usual receipts and bills coming in (detailed Profit/Loss to be presented at next membership meeting), and that, by comparing with previous years, we could currently project an approximate $3000 surplus on the budget passed at the AGM – that is, before the $5400 Thunderbird Marina expense is added, but also before any constraints that we put onto maintenance and replacement expenses this year.

There was also some discussion about insurance, especially liability. Members are reminded of the requirement stated in Orientation 1 that:

Cooperative Members are required to have their own Liability Insurance for their own protection. (page 17 – Insurance)

Usually this sort of liability is included in homeowners or renters insurance.

Fleet: Michael Quick – Haul-outs begin Friday Mar 1 when Tinkertoy and MyWay come out of the water at Reed point. Most of the volunteer slots have been filled this week, some next, but still room, check News Posts (Categories: Boat Work) or contact Chris Kowalchuk. Rebecca had questions about boat locations as they change for haul outs – this can be difficult for volunteers doing housekeeping – we will work on keeping the website updated and communicating as boat moves are planned so that volunteers are notified.

Also, a survey is planned for Mookie

Cruises and Social: John Binns sent regrets but the cruises are on the website and we noted that boats will be held for cruises 6 weeks before (before the 28 day advance limit) but releases will happen 2 weeks before the cruise so that individuals can book and plan for those weekends. Also we discussed and agreed (not a formal motion in the absence of the cruise director) that families able to book freed boats on a cruise weekend should be able to follow along with the cruise. Rebecca (Social Coordinator) notes that a ‘Cruise Fair’ is on the agenda for the intermission of Monday’s Mar 4 Membership Meeting. (The Agenda for the Membership meeting will be posted soon). Also there are a number of members interested in doing a regular Pub/Music social (Wednesdays at Pat’s Pub in the Patricia Hotel on East Hastings in Vancouver) and we are looking for a member to be the coordinator/contact person responsible for the events.

Long Term Bookings: Shawna will publish a draft LTB schedule for the year by Monday’s Membership Meeting Mar 4.

Vice-President’s Report: Joel moderated discussion of issues reported by Fred by email. Joel will contact Geoff Baile regarding instructional videos that he/we might create to post on the website.

Our main discussion here was about document security. We will be reducing the amount of personal information stored (on the application and waiver form) and will also storing them redundantly (hard drive with Brenda our record keeper) as well as securely on the website backups. Moved Michael/Ken That we add a way on the website that allows us to securely upload applications and waivers for new applicants. Carried.

Long Term Planning Committee: Vitali summarized the work of 3 previous LTPCs this century. This is the fourth and they have already gone much further than the previous ones. This committee has a number of recommendations, which were quickly summarized. (It was late, after 9:00, but this may have been our most important item). Vitali asked that he may present to the Membership on Mar 4 and we agreed (no formal motion required to present a committee report).

Adjourn – 9:27 PM

Executive Meeting Minutes Jan 2 2019

Attendees: Fred Nolte, Joel Westereng, Steve Cook, Ken Murray, John Binns, Michael Quick, Shawna Little, Gabriel Mora, Vitali Didenko. Regrets: Tom Mayson, Graham Dalton, Rebecca Frame

Call to order:      7:02        PM                              

Approval of minutes of the previous meeting Nov 26 (as edited on-line **meeting dates –all boat meetings and two exec meetings previously on Thursday are now on Wednesdays. See Calendar and listing under Events on our website). Joel/Steve: approved


President Report: Fred Nolte – Looking forward to a productive and eventful year – will post a set of goals/events to discuss. A number of members have come forward with proposals for presentations on subjects from night sailing (maybe with an on-the-water component), Mediterranean and blue water sailing experiences to an intro to the indigenous languages of the peoples on whose unceded waters we sail.

Treasurers Report: Steve Cook – working on as-yet unpaid memberships and sailing permits. We are currently at about the same point as we were this time last year. This led as well to discussion and reports (Gabriel Mora – Membership) about membership retention and ideas for mentoring new members; that we should set up a one to one mentorship system that is coordinated by a mentorship coordinator. Steve and others (Michael Quick – Fleet) have also looked into our insurance documentation in light of the experiences of the LMYC in White Rock. We seem to be in very good shape insurance-wise as well as at our marinas regarding heavy weather protection.

Cruises: John Binns – A Cruise Planning meeting is planned later this month (“Near’ the Jan 28 Exec meeting – more to come on the date). More discussion about meeting the needs of new members while at the same time creating more interest in cruises and social activities. This was also part of the discussion above about mentoring new members. John is working on an approach to scheduling cruises that will free up more non-cruise boats available on long weekends.

Vice-President (Technology): Joel Westereng – good participation in the new website. Joel reminded us of the ‘executive discussion’ function (which should be well tested on the business items below).

Business Items

  1. Thunderbird Marina: Much discussion towards clarity on our budget and possible budget accommodations and outcomes for our moorage situations. The intent is to be able to outline the situation clearly and discuss with the membership at the January 7 meeting Monday so that the membership can make a decision at the February 4 membership meeting. The executive discussion on this is carrying on post meeting (on-line). An outline will be presented January 7
  1. Long Term Planning Committee survey results – Vitali will present a summary to members.
  1. Boat Show: In view of item 1 above and concerns expressed about what we are getting out of the Boat Show, it was Moved: that we put to the membership that we forego participation in the boat show next year. Shawna/Vitali Carried. Steve will investigate costs for the current year including the deposit we have paid.
  1. Sail Canada course challenge supportMoved: That a member may submit volunteer hours for classroom hours spent tutoring groups of members that are preparing to challenge Sail Canada navigation exams. The tutoring sessions must be pre-approved by the executive. Executive approval is based on appropriate knowledge and experience of the tutor but need not include teaching certification by Sail Canada as this initiative is only intended to support members who wish to challenge the Sail Canada course exams and does not include the proctoring of those exams or any of the liabilities implicit in Sail Canada certification. Ken/Shawna: carried
  1. Extending help to the LMYC – Tabled to next exec meeting. We need to see how things sort out for LMYC.
  2. Asymmetrical sail storage arrangements – Tabled to next meeting

Adjourn – 9:33 PM

Executive Meeting Minutes Nov 26 2018

Lots to read…about Thunderbird Marina, cruises, meeting schedule, and more:

Attendees: Fred Nolte, Joel Westereng, Steve Cook, Ken Murray, Rebecca Frame, John Binns, Michael Quick, Gabriel Mora (by phone). Regrets: Tom Mayson (sent report), Shawna Little, Graham Dalton, Vitali Didenko

Call to order:      7:07        PM           Quorum:                 Yes         

Approval of minutes of the previous meeting Oct 29: Michael/John: approved


President’s Report: Fred Nolte – Congratulations to Rebecca for her work and team organization for the Winter Social that was, by all accounts, a great event; and to Joel for his and his team’s work on the new website. Fred also had information and encouragement for us all on conducting meetings that are efficient, respectful, and result in positive outcomes for all co-op members. Brevity, respect for others’ ideas, adherence to the topic at hand, and preparation (such as formulating motions beforehand) were all on the list of encouragements.

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Cook gave an update on the budget including fees paid etc. Postal job action may be causing some delays in our receiving cheques. There were a few questions on line items that Steve (new treasurer) will consult with Jan (previous treasurer) for details and previous practice.

Fleet: Michael Quick – winterizing is going well. Graham is working with Brenda (person who sews canvas at Reed Point Marina) on a prototype canvas tarp to provide better winter protection for our boats.

Orientation: Tom Mayson (sent report by email) – There have been four 1-3 Orientations since the last Exc. mtg. with
Stephen, Tamiko, Dennis and Joel having completed these stages. There are three more to be completed, when a common time needs to be worked out.

Membership: Gabriel Mora (by phone) – Discussion with Joel, Steve and Rebecca about: updating/coordinating members-paid and qualifications lists and regarding contacts with new members re social activities and orientations. We are all getting used to using the new website as a ‘record of source’ for this information.

Cruises: John Binns – Lots of discussion about meeting the needs of new members while at the same time creating more interest in cruises and social activities. It was generally agreed and strongly felt that maintaining the social learning aspects of this co-op is paramount, that this is not simply a boat-sharing group but a sailing/learning community and that cruises are a central activity of this community. In addition there was some discussion about extending the community spirit within the coop and enhancing the social experiences on cruises and at meetings.

Vice-President (Technology): Joel Westereng – In addition to the background on issues discussed above (under membership), Joel reminded us of the new ‘executive discussion’ function on the new website that could replace the current email list discussions that we have.

Business Items

  1. Thunderbird Marina: The slip that we have acquired will be up for renewal in March and we must make a decision on renewal by February 14. We have two membership meetings before that (January 7 and February 4) for members to make the decision. It will be our job to present clear options to the membership. We have received a number of comments and it seems to be generally felt that we must maintain a slip at Westport (Sidney). In preparation for the next meeting we will be investigating and providing numbers for the following options if we are to keep the Thunderbird slip (And there may be other options):
  • simply absorbing the cost of the new slip (with or without an extra summer slip elsewhere)
  • giving up the hammerhead at Reed point and reducing costs there (and what that might involve)
  • subletting part of the hammerhead part-time

2. Executive Role Review – Roles reviewed are listed in the Orientation documents; we also discussed that there may some updating required as roles evolve vis a vis the use of the new website.

  1. Volunteer Proposal: Gustavo has volunteered to help members prepare to challenge the Sail Canada Navigation exams in return for volunteer hours. This was well received and supported by the executive. This item was tabled for the next exec meeting so we (Ken) can prepare a motion with wording that addresses this sort of volunteer work in general especially respecting that our volunteers might not be certified by Sail Canada to “teach” the navigation course; they are only helping members to challenge an exam.
  1. Meeting Schedule for 2019 – The following schedule is proposed for 2019 pending negotiations/approval from Burnaby Winter Club


Wed 02-Jan Executive Meeting
Mon 07-Jan Membership Meeting
Wed 16-Jan Boat Group Meeting
Mon 28-Jan Exec
Mon 04-Feb Membership
Wed 20-Feb Boat
Mon 25-Feb Exec
Mon 04-Mar Membership
Wed 20-Mar Boat
Mon 25-Mar Exec
Mon 01-Apr Membership
Wed 17-Apr Boat
Mon 29-Apr Exec
Mon 06-May Membership
Wed 15-May Boat
Mon 27-May Exec
Mon 03-Jun Membership
Wed 19-Jun Boat
Wed 04 – Sept Exec
Wed 18 -Sept Boat
Mon 30-Sept Exec
Mon 07-Oct Membership
Wed 16 -Oct Boat
Mon 28-Oct Exec
Mon 04-Nov Annual General Meeting
Mon 25-Nov Exec


Adjourn – 9:03 PM

Executive Meeting Minutes Sept 6 2018

Sept 6, 2018 Attendees: Fred Nolte, Joel Westereng, Jan O’Brien, Ken Murray, Shawna Little, Tom Mayson, John Binns, Gabriel Mora, Graham Dalton. Regrets: Michael Quick, Kim Lepp

Call to order:                   7:03                  PM

Quorum Yes                                   

Approval of minutes of the previous meeting May 28, 2018: Shawna/Jan Approved

President Report:
Fred Nolte

  • Policy and Procedures – still working on this from previous efforts, more to come below as pertains to membership update.
  • record keeping, digital transition, progressing as reported earlier this year-
  • executive vacancies: notwithstanding previous indications, Fred has agreed to carry on for 1 more year. Kim will be leaving Social Coordinator, Jan will be leaving Treasurer , Connie may be leaving Quartermaster

A few names were mentioned who will be approached to stand for these positions. We have until the AGM (Nov 5) to find candidates

  • meeting presentations: For Mon Sept 10, Shawna will present on new DFO regulations and enforcement re approaching whales on the water ; Joel will do an extended tech report on the new website. Still working on presentations for the rest of the Fall membership meetings.

Treasurers Report: Jan O’Brien – budget update and comments re budget 2019. We are now in very good shape. Invoices for 2019 have been sent to members. Gabriel has done a lot of recruiting consequently all of the Sailing Permits are now paid for, and, new members have paid this years capital assessments with less than 2 months left. Moved Jan/Joel that for the last two new payees, we will forgo the sailing permit payment for 2018, while accepting the membership fee and capital assessment for 2018. Carried.

Fleet: Michael Quick – n/a – Boat group meeting Sept 20

Membership: Gabriel Mora –Gabriel has been doing a lot of recruiting and as noted above we have all permits paid for and should have a waiting list for 2019. This will put pressure on members to pay their assessments on time. The summer recruiting activity has put pressure on our communications. (We normally don’t check our post office box very often in the summer – we will do so in the future).

Cruises: John Binns – The long cruise ending on Labour Day went well but the numbers were disappointing (4 boats: Wild Goose + 3 Co-op boats with only 2 crew/boat). Survey to come to find out about shifting cruise preferences.

Long Term Bookings: Shawna Little – 22 LTBs completed this year (up from previous). Survey to come.

Technology Plan: Joel Westereng – Joel has done a lot of work here. He demonstrated various functions of the site and we discussed visitor/member/executive/manager access to various functions that will make the site secure and much more responsive to our needs over the current site. He took our feedback on functions/features for a wish-list. Joel strongly encourages us to ‘play’ with the features and functions and to send him feedback so that the development does not happen in a vacuum.


Old Business:

See President’s Report – email to come on Lapsed-member policy

New Business:

  1. New Members joining in September – see motion under treasurer’s report
  2. Request to consider mooring at Thunderbird Marina – Lots of discussion: pro, essentially, quick access to Howe Sound and beyond, convenient for members in certain areas of the lower mainland; con, cost (not clear – dependent on options at other marinas – e.g., if we go to two slips at Reed Pt…and implications for haul-out [also, Thunderbird has haul-out facilities]), may be inconvenient for members in other areas, and, an attachment to Westport (all year) and possible summer locations. An analysis of options and costs needs to be done before presenting to the membership – also, we are still only on a waiting list with the possibility of an opening coming in the spring 2019
  3. Request to consider composting toilets – this was tabled after 9:00 PM and Tom has asked us to check out Air Head Marine toilets, at e.g., https://airheadtoilet.com/news/composting-toilet-reviews/

Adjourn: 9:10 PM

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