Challenging the Basic Coastal Navigation exam?

Members are required to get Orientation V in order to be an eligible skipper for an overnight or long-term booking.

It is highly recommended that the member completes the Sail Canada Basic Coastal Navigation Standard course before achieving Orientation V.

If you are planning to complete that course, you can enroll in a teaching institution or you can challenge the exam.

If you are planning to challenge the exam, I’m willing to assist you with your study.

We’ll use the Coastal Navigation book from Dominique Prinet and the content, slides, and exercises used in the regular course classes.

There is no cost to the member for this study assistance, simply the Co-op will recognize me my time as volunteer hours. It’s up to the member to make arrangements to challenge the exam and to pay for the associated exam fees.

I have passed the Coastal Navigation exam last year with 96%. 

Please contact me if this is of interest for you. Feel free to send me your comments and your day/time availability.

Best regards,


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