Don’t Panic – But check dinghy oars

Hi All,

Diane and I had a pleasant weekend on Weekend Pirate. But one small item – a dinghy oar snapped right at the blade where the aluminum shaft enters it. Long term corrosion was the culprit. 3/4 of the shaft was previously corroded and only the final 1/4 was intact when failure occurred. (See picture)

A fix was made by judiciously whacking the broken bit of shaft out of the blade (screwdriver/vice grips/hammer), roughening up the remaining shaft with a hacksaw blade, and gluing the shaft into the blade with G5 (5 minute epoxy). It’s a good semi-permanent fix if you break a shaft. 

In the longer term, inspect the shaft of aluminum dinghy oars where the shaft meets the blade. Long term trapping of salt water isn’t great on this type of extruded 6061-T6 aluminum. The other oar, probably of similar vintage, shows some corrosion there, but not very much.

Evan Gatehouse

Honey Bee update

Thank you to the “Adjustment Bureau” of Steve Work and Sheldon Boucher.  Honey Bee is in fine shape. The ever present “play” in the tiller has been markedly limited after particular attention by Sheldon.  He finished the day with changing the motor oil.  Steve took on the task of making the post head plumbing look like the diagram that came with the setup.  To those interested, the build up of scale over the past 6 months was significant. Again, this was removed.  A great surprise to us was the joker valve had almost no scale. The “Y” valve was tested in the holding tank and pump out position.  No leaks noted.  I took the time to fill the water holding tank and offer encouragement to the crew.   I expect this adjustment to the plumbing should stop the head smell on the boat.  I hope that with keeping the boat “dry” the other odours will dry up.  Red skye at night…..

Canada Day cruise crew assignments V2

Changes have been made to accommodate preferences.

Friday 28 June Reed Point-Gibsons

Saturday 29 June Gibsons/Vancouver to Pirates Cove MP/Wallace Island MP-Eat on board

Sunday 30 June Sail to Thetis Island Marina-Coop Lamb BBQ at marina. John Macrae will organise purchase and cooking of the lamb, costs to be shared between boats. Non-meat eaters, please advise your skipper. Veggies, salad, dessert to be assigned to a boat.

Monday 1 July All sail home.

Crew assignment is as follows

4 days Friday – Monday

Mookie (Reed Pt): Graham Dalton-skipper, Dennis Davis, Steve Meighan

Tinker Toy 2 (RP)-J. Binns-skipper, Richard Blackwell, Tim Dunn

3 days– Saturday-Monday

Weekend Pirate (TBird):-Gustavo Rapaport-skipper, Andrea Rapaport, Jefferson Manens, Jose Franca

Honey Bee (Burrard) David Marriott-skipper, Judith Vosko, Stephen Culhane, Tamiko Suzuki

My Way (Burrard): John  Macrae-skipper, Jeanne Metayer, Sean LaFortune

Jinjersnap (westport) will organise their own schedule: Geoff Baile-skipper, Connie Baxter, Jan O’Brien, Geoff Meggs

Skippers please communicate directly with your crew about schedule, parking, meals etc.

Honey Bee steering Followup

Hi All,  No knowledgeable person has volunteered to take on the Honey Bee steering issue.  Now, it is open to All who have not completed the sweat equity component of his/her Sailing Permit.  I tried solving this while sitting in the cockpit putting on teak oil(aka, The Karate Kid, wipe on, wipe on).  This did not solve the problem, but the teak looks good.            There is another chronic problem on the boats for those who can still smell.  This is the head.  For those who need to complete his/her sweat equity I am gathering the missing pieces to be installed that may make the boat(Honey Bee) less prone to the head smell.  It should prevent the back flow into the bowl once the missing pieces are in place.  This can be important, as if one is not attentive, it may overflow, soil the floor and fill the bilge.  This was a constant irritation on the Family Weekend cruise, although NO spillage happened..  It should be noted the the scale build up on the “Y” valves were cleaned off last year, thus, one would not expect this to contribute to the back flow problem.            If you think either one of these projects are for you, an immediate response, please, as the boat is booked next week, followed by the Canada Day cruise then off on LTB. 





Changing the motor oil

I have placed extra oil on mookie, Tinkertoy,honeybee and my way. Will take enough oil for the other boats on the Canada cruise. This will be a super great time to change the oil on all boats. Just like a great opportunity for all the people to learn how easy it is to do . I’ll take the used oil home where it can be recycled. If we can’t do it at the marina. Thanks graham

Honey Bee Steering

In reverse, turning to Port(like backing down of the finger in Burrard) the boat is Not keen on following commands or direction.  This was noted last October.  After several reviews by the boat Captain and Assistant Captain, the issue has not been resolved.  There was no obvious problem noted at haul out.  Rather, haul out created other motor problems, since resolved.  This may or may not have contributed to the recent damage to the prop and slides for the motor (mostly repaired).

I fear it may be time for sailors with an engineering background to tackle this problem.  If they can not solve this, I know of a retired dairy farmer ready to take on this challenge.  Consider this a Heads Up to all those who book Honey Bee for a sail.

IMPORTANT July Boat Moves

Following the Canada Day club cruise the boats move to their summer moorage.  Their locations will be updated online after they move so please make note of the following…

Boat Moves:

Tinkertoy (Day Sailing): Moving from Reed Point to Burrard over the weekend of July 6-7.  Thank you Ryan Sword & his family for handling the move!

Honeybee (LTBs): Moving from Burrard to Pender Harbour on July 3rd.  Thank you Maarten & AJ Veerman for handling the move!

Mookie (LTBs): Moving from Reed Point to Westport July 3-7.  Thank you to Ken Murray, Doug Foulds & Steve Meighan for handling the move!

No Change:

Weekend Pirate (Day Sailing): Staying at Thunderbird.

My Way (Day Sailing): Staying at Burrard.

Jingersnap (LTBs): Staying at Westport.

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