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Date(s) - Jan 28 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Burnaby Winter Club


Minutes of the Executive Meeting held Jan 28, 2019 at BWC

Attendees: Fred Nolte, Joel Westereng, Steve Cook, Ken Murray, Michael Quick, Tom Mayson, Graham Dalton, Vitali Didenko; Also Gabriel Mora (by phone), Shawna Little (by phone). Regrets: John Binns (sent report).

Call to order:      7:09        PM

Quorum                 Yes         

Approval of minutes of the previous meeting Jan 2, 2019: Michael/Joel: approved


President Report: Fred Nolte – Sad news that Tom Smith, a past member and our current auditor, has passed away. Michael will be in contact with members who were connected with Tom to send our condolences.

It has been suggested that an internal review of our finances be carried out – names of potential reviewers have been suggested – Michael/Fred/Steve to follow up.

Fred went over his 2019 calendar of tasks and events for which the executive is responsible and we discussed some of the tasks and assignments (such as filing of documents with Victoria, updating web license, and meeting presentations). We currently don’t have the presentations set for the March and April meetings but will look at moving one of the later ones ahead.

Vice-President’s Report: Joel presented some of the data that the website compiles for us, including boat usage and marina usage. (The Westport marina seems, at this very early stage, to be used as often as Burrard). He also distributed a draft analysis done by a Burrard Civic users group of marina costs, which is part of an effort by that group to oppose rate increases at the marina.

Joel has been in contact and will set up a coffee meeting with some LMYC members (executive?) to talk about their situation and how our cooperatives might cooperate.

Treasurers Report and Membership Report: Steve with Gabriel (on the phone) let us know that we have the usual receipts and bills coming in (Profit/Loss to be presented at next membership meeting), and that we have reduced the number of available permits to 8 (from 11 last meeting).

Fleet: Michael Quick – Excellent boat meeting, ready for haul-outs to begin with 2 boats Feb 22 – 24. There was lots of enthusiasm from boat captains and specialist leaders for a Job Fair at the next membership meeting (Feb 4), which will include an encouragement for members to arrange job-shadows with specialists and team members. Job fair and job shadows are an important part of helping our new members get ‘on-board’.

Orientation: Tom Mayson – 5 orientations I – II completed recently. Tom notes excellent communication from Gabriel with new members getting them on-board.

Cruises: John Binns will hold a cruise planning meeting  at BWC on Thursday Jan 31.

Business Items

  1. LMYC – See Joel’s report above.
  2. Asymmetrical sails: We will be keeping sails at home locations for the winter. (Dampness in the boats is a big issue). Joel will work on a sail locating/booking/arranging function for the web site. The sails might be kept on-board in the summer – discussion about this was tabled to an April meeting. Also, the discussion about drying, stowing and handling asymmetrical sails led to the idea of an Orientation VI that might involve competence with these sails. There are concerns with the idea, with some suggesting that we should instead focus on the experiential, on-going learning that happens naturally in the coop and not on a checklist sort of Orientation.


  1. Boat Show – There has been a good sign-up for this year so far – a few spots still open (viewable on the website). At an earlier meeting it was moved that we ask the members to forego our participation in the Boat Show next year – that question will be put to the members after a report on this year’s show is done.
  2. Special General Meeting resolution – the resolution as posted was reviewed, executives with pertinent information are prepared for the meeting and voting (cards) will be organized (Ken).
  3. Long Term Planning Committee – this committee’s objective to “come up with a long term plan for the fleet” has not yet been formally stated or sponsored by the executive. Fred will sponsor the LTPC and Vitali will present it’s objective and seek interested members at the March membership meeting.


Adjourn – 9:18 PM

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