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Date(s) - Apr 29 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Burnaby Winter Club


Agenda – Executive Meeting – Monday April. 29th 2019

Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting Mon. March 25 (See as posted)


President’s Report: Fred

Treasurer’s Report: Steve

Fleet: Michael

Membership: Gabriel (report sent by email)

Cruises: John

Long Term Bookings: Shawna

Orientation: Tom

Long Term Planning Committee: Tom – wishes to submit to Executive committee the document of LTPC recommendations (see email posted to  exec members April 26)

Technology Update: Joel – Dashboard Plug-in demo

New Business:

Work Hours: discussion (may be included in LTB report/technology report above)

Lock Box at Burrard: discussion (may be included in reports above)

Application for liability insurance: Steve

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  1. Joel Westereng

    I would like to add website dashboard membership plug-in demo, and also discussion of work hour status

  2. Fred Nolte

    I would like to add:
    – discussion/motion re orientation 5. Proposal posted previously
    – madate for Financial Planning Committee. Proposal to follow.

  3. Fred Nolte

    Financial Planning Committee:
    Background: A motion was passed at the last membership meeting to accept the following recommendation from the LTPC:
    “ The LTPC recommends the BSC establish a Financial Committee as part of the treasurer’s position to review and analyse, but not limited to:
    • Cost/value of current expenditures.
    • Price of sailing permits.
    • Short and long term financial goals.
    • The value of the fleet.
    • Value added goals for the club.
    • Maintenance cost controls-with the plan of developing a budget.
    • Haul out plans.
    • Annual outboard replacement plan.
    • More ideas by members.”
    This is done, as we know, in conjunction with a vision to start replacing the fleet, and as of now the preferred replacement vessel is a Catalina 30 tall mast. I believe that the executive and the membership will need to Financial Committee to answer the following questions regarding the following questions regarding this acquisition, or any other vessel which the Boat Search Committee (also to be formed) may recommend.
    1. What will be the cost differential between maintaining status quo and making the recommended changes? I believe we should be looking for a 5-year plan, which is renewed annually. (The financial committee can and should choose the most appropriate method of analysis and reporting. My own recommendation is the format Doug Murney previously presented as a 5-year plan: simple, clear, effective.)
    2. How will the Co-op pay for the differential cost?
    3. How will the differential cost be distributed among members in a fair way, considering that only some members will have the opportunity to us a newer, larger boat, unless and until all boats have been replaced.
    4. What are the assumptions made in devising the plan, and how have these assumptions been validated? (In other words, how do we know there are no “surprises” which drastically increase the cost?)
    2nd question:
    Do we need to further define the mandate of the Boat Search Committee, or is it sufficiently defined as?
    “The BSC strike a Boat Search Committee that is tasked to search the market to find the compromise of cost, quality, age, equity, etc. of the Incoming Catalina 30s. Hopefully, at least TWO recommendations would be presented to the Executive and members to consider as the next boat.”
    3rd question:
    Do we need to further define the mandate of the Training Committee? Currently stated as:
    “A committee be struck to create the next Orientation level in anticipation of the BSC accepting the LTPC of 2018-19.”

    Who should be one these committees?
    • Have had suggestions, have not yet asked those parties.

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