Help needed

Weekend pirate is in need of some minor repair work.

If you need more work hours or if you are able to help please contact me 

nabil 604 3776433

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Donald Fults
Sailing Member

Hi Nabil.
I’m a new member and have not contributed any hours. I would like to lend a hand however I have guests visiting this week. I would be available any evening next week or next weekend. Cheers.

Steve Meighan
Sailing Member

Hello Nabil:
I left you a message on your phone. I can help out any night or weekend provided the boat is a Reed Point or Burrard. Just text me or email me.


Steve Meighan
Sailing Member

Helloo Nabil:

I have booked Weekend Pirate for THUR night to inspect the damage you told me about.

I will do a thorough check of the thru hill fitting for the water and see what needs to be done!


Steve Meighan
Sailing Member

Hello Nabil: I was down to Weekend Pirate on THUR and looked to see what needs to be done. The Thru Deck fitting has rusted in two and needs replacing. I have removed it from the boat and covered the plug with the sink plug to keep the rain out! The water hose itself is OK, and is long enough to cut 2 inches off the end and stuff onto another fitting. However, there is quite a bit of rust on the inside of the hose and likely inside the water tank. I need to purchase: 1. THRU hull Fitting… Read more »

Steve Meighan
Sailing Member

Hello Nabil: I think this is the right fitting. butt i cannot be sure. Has the COOP never replaced one of these before? IF so, then there should be a reference somewhere that someone remembers as to which is the right part????? I am going to Steveston Hardware today to see if I can find a Sea DOG equivalent. Their parts are OK for price, about 60$ for this. On the webiste, its listed at 30$ but that is USD and then shipping and customs, so on, about 80-100$ likely. So that is my price range, 50-75$ for this… Read more »

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