Minutes – Executive Meeting April 29

Minutes – Executive Meeting – April 29, 2019

Attending: John Binns, Vitali Didenko, Shawna Calderwood, Joel Westereng, Michael Quick, Tom Mayson, Rebecca Frame, Steve Cook, Ken Murray. Chair: Fred Nolte. Regrets: Graham Dalton, Gabriel Mora (sent report)

Call to Order: 7:05 PM

Acceptance of Minutes of previous meeting March 25 – Shawna/Joel: Accepted


President: Fred deferred to business and reports to follow

Fleet: Michael reported that the engines are now all in good repair. We want to get on with selling our old motors (2 of them). Michael is suggesting a review of our orientation procedures around giving people practice using the motors in different situations, especially using reverse under difficult wind or current situations. No motion arose – much of our ‘training’ in this area is situational and informal, but Michael and others will be approached to do a presentation and possibly training clinics on using the motors in tight situations.

Technology: Joel gave a demonstration of some of the ‘user insights’ functions of the website dashboard. This led to a discussion of posting Volunteer Hours which are easy to claim and have an up-to-date tally on the website. (Not all of the executive members have kept up to date – we must do that). Specialty team leaders will be added to the list of people who can approve volunteer-hour claims. Shawna has had to work with members seeking Long Term Bookings who are having trouble getting their hours (80% by end of April). She cannot hold LTB places for members without hours. We have a provision in our rules for paying for hours in lieu at the rate of $20 per hour. We have agreed that members can pay for hours in time to complete bookings and that the payments will be returned when/if the hours are completed in the summer. Executive members and specialist team members are encouraged to help members find appropriate hours.

Treasurer: Steve noted that we are above budget for income (all sailing permits are taken) and below budget for expenses. Steve is also completing the liability insurance information filing.

Social: Rebecca has a number of historical coop pictures to be scanned. If you have a scanner, you could get a volunteer hour or two this way. Contact Rebecca if you can volunteer.

Membership: Gabriel could not attend but sent a report with issues that have come up in his working with the membership list. One issue is the uploading of members’ sailing credentials to the website – Joel will work on gaps in those procedures. Another is the Power and Sail Squadron seeking a reciprocal but informal ‘advertising’ arrangement with the coop (We encourage members to find out about them and they let their members know about us and what we offer). – Fred will follow up.

Cruises: John noted that the weather has been a challenge. Both the Nightsail and the Orientation V cruises were postponed or cancelled. The Orientation IV cruises were downgraded to Reed Pt. – the Saturday cruise had rain and hail so stayed dockside, while the Sunday sail led by Michael Leblanc had good sailing.

Long Term Bookings: Shawna has the schedule done and posted. See also the discussion about volunteer hours in the Technology report above.

Orientation: Tom notes new member orientations are progressing well.

New Business

  1. The Lock box at Burrard – has been removed and stored below the office (accessible only office hours). We are working on this but may have to resort to plan similar to Thunderbird where a FOB and parking passes are stored on-board.
  2. Long Term Planning Committee – presented their recommendations (attached below), these were tabled for executive discussion (on-line) and eventual presentation to the membership as motions.


Adjourn: 9:30 PM

Attachment: RECOMMENDATIONS of the 2108 – 19 LTPC

Recommendation #1 (Exit Survey)

•       An exit survey will be initiated soon to try to identify reasons for the annual turnover of members.

Recommendation #2A(Replacement Boats)

•       The fleet is aging.  In five years the BSC will be holding a 50th Anniversary of many of the boats.  The BSC should have a Ten Year Boat Replacement Plan.  The Plan would be to replace 3 to 4 of the Catalina 27s with Catalina 30s over this ten year period and potentially add a 34 foot boat.

Recommendation 2B

The BSC strike a Boat Search Committee that is tasked to search the market to find the compromise of cost, quality, age, equity, etc of the Incoming Catalina 30s.  Hopefully, at least TWO recommendations would be presented to the Executive and members to consider as the next boat.

Recommendation #3(Funding)

Add an annual budget line item dedicated as the Fleet Replacement Fund.  The LTPC would recommend $5,000 annually.  This would be in effect(assuming the LTPC 2018-19 is accepted) until the Boat Replacement Plan is complete.

Recommendation #4(Training)

A committee be struck to create the next Orientation level in anticipation of the BSC accepting the LTPC of 2018-19.

Recommendation #5 (Financial Plan)

The LTPC recommends the BSC establish a Financial Committee as part of the treasurer’s position to review and analyse, but not limited to:
•       Cost/value of current expenditures.
•       Price of sailing permits.
•       Short and long term financial goals.
•       The value of the fleet.
•       Value added goals for the club.
•       Maintenance cost controls-with the plan of developing a budget.
•       Haul out plans.
•       Annual outboard replacement plan.
•       More ideas by members.

After developing a budget the Finance Committee should review the different funding models to support the capital cost and increased maintenance costs of larger boats. These may include, but not limited
•       Accepting personnel (Interest free) loans from members.
•       Larger boat user fees.
•       Expansion of membership,
•       Reviewing fleet size.

Recommendation #6 (larger slip waiting list)

•       The BSC should apply for two 30 foot slips at Heather Marina.
Note: A motion was approved at the last General meeting to apply for two 30 foot slips at Burrard civic marina.  The BSC is on the 30 foot waiting list at Burrard Civic.

Recommendation #7 (future larger boat waiting list)

•       The BSC should apply for a 34 foot slip at Thunderbird Marina.
This may be a ten year wait. The cost to apply is not known, but should be a nominal fee. For a small fee this ensures future BSC members an opportunity to further their sailing goals.

Recommendation #8 (Sell one boat)

•       If the BSC votes for replacing boats, the BSC should prepare a boat to be sold. It is a buyers market, thus a quick sale may not be achieved. With the sale of a boat and moorage available, the BSC can actively search the market for the first Replacement Boat.

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