Minutes – Membership Meeting April 1


Barnet Sailing Coop—Membership Meeting—April 1, 2019

Attending: see below

Call To Order: 7:37 PM

Welcome to new members: Julian Evelyn, Ellie Niakan, Sean Lafortune, Jeanne Metayer, Kurt Kolb, Ben Murray, Evi Anthonissen. We have never had so many new members at one meeting.

Approval of previous minutes: Minutes from Mar 4 Membership Meeting: Moved Graham Dalton/Richard Blackwell: Approved


President – Fred Nolte had lots of items and reminders: Check your personal liability insurance coverage – discussion indicated that many of us do not understand the coop’s or our own personal insurance and that we will look into a presentation by an insurer to help us understand (possibly at the next meeting).

A number of reminders were for boat users when returning a boat: Fill the Gas Tanks (or put $6 for each hour that the motor was on, into the kitty). Communicate with the next or previous user to let them know/find out about the fuel, water, propane, safety equipment situation and make arrangements so that someone’s sail is not thwarted.  Check the propane. This is most important for Long Term usage – talk with the previous/next user. (The location and hours of Propane Service stations nearest our marinas will be posted here). Read the maintenance log and the sailing log. If there are issues, fix them if possible. If unable to fix something – alert the boat captain, or fleet captain, next member booking the boat. Don’t forget your entry in the sailing log – and note the fuel situation as you leave it.

Cleanup – rinse the deck, clean the cabin, leave the cushions standing on edge. The general rule that Les McAusland reminded us of: “Leave the boat better than when you got it

Also, Fred noted that our most recent audit was successful and is posted (here soon).

Treasurer – Steve Cook presented the current Profit/Loss statement. (Attached: here soon). We are in very good shape. Steve will look at preparing a balance sheet along with the P/L statements Moved Joel/Tom acceptance of the Treasurer’s report: Accepted

Membership – Gabriel Mora: Welcome to new members – see above. We are down to 3 available sailing permits and Gabriel is working on one that may be picked up soon.

Fleet – Michael Quick: Bad weather predicted this weekend but haul out of Weekend Pirate will happen – some of the work will be delayed to mid-week. (After meeting comment – much of the work was done on the Sunday). Two of the engines are being worked on. Sorin Almasan showed us an ignition coil removed from one of the motors that has been replaced with a spare and will be tested for repair or replacement. Michael explained the as yet undetermined extent of the twisted prop shaft damage on one of the motors and appealed to all of us to please report any incidents to the boat captain so that repair can be undertaken as soon as needed.

Cruises – John Binns: Exellent participation and fun on Brass Monkey cruise. Note upcoming cruises and appeal for skippers to join orientation cruises. (Post meeting comment – Night Sail was postponed to the fall due to weather conditions)

Long Term Bookings – Joel Westereng for Shawna Little:  We are behind in getting LTB requests in – Joel accepted a number of them at the meeting.  The forms and schedule have been posted by Shawna (Find under Recent Posts on the News page). Instructions and details are there – Deadline to submit preferences is April 8.

Long Term Planning Committee – Tom Mayson gave a short (we were getting late and wanted time for Geoff’s presentation) background on some salient points of the LTPC’s work so far with a focus on long term plans in conjunction with changes at Burrard Marina. It was noted that we are currently in shorter (too short) slips while being charged for the length of the boat.  Moved: Evan/Graham that we ask to be put on the wait-list at Burrard Civic Marina for two 30 foot slips (at a one-time cost for waitlisting of $35 for each slip). Carried.

Presentation: Geoff Baile

“On the water at night, planned or unplanned, things you need to know”

Geoff gave an excellent presentation of important safety issues to be aware of – some to be aware of at all times, and many that are particularly important at night or in low visibility. Geoff has quite a bit of night sailing experience, both coastal and offshore; and he put together some of his experiences along with lots of information and resources for safety at night. Evan Gatehouse also added some of his insights from two-handing experiences offshore. Many thanks to Evan and to Geoff who will be leading the night sail cruise (postponed to the Fall).

Attending: Dennis Davis, Kosta Sushkov, Stephen Culhane, Steve Cook, Dominic Bernard, Miroslav Ristic, Les McAusland, Fred Nolte, Ken Murray, Gabriel Mora, Rebecca Frame, AJ Veerman, Martin Veerman, Tom Mayson, Michael Quick, John Binns, Richard Blackwell, Tim Dunn, Jan Tupniak, Marie & Doug England, Stephen Meighan, Josh Vines, Geoff Baile, Sean Lafortune, Jeanne Metayer, Dennis Davis,    Kurt Kolb, Sergiy Gryb, Dragan Djuricanin, Ellie Niakan, Julian Evelyn, Ray Bishop, Gustavo Rapaport, Susan & David Schenkveld, Evan Gatehouse, Lyall Cullum, Joel Westereng, Evi Anthonissen, Ben Murray, Sorin Almasan        

Ken Murray

Member since January 2017

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