Minutes – Executive Meeting – Mar 25

Reminder: Membership Meeting is Monday April 1 at 7:30 (see agenda on the calendar)

Minutes – Executive Meeting Mar 24

Call to order:      7:11        PM

Quorum                 Yes         

Approval of minutes of the previous meeting Feb 25, 2019: Michael/Graham: approved


President’s Report:
Fred Nolte – The audit/review of our books is completed and successful. We are keeping an open mind about the situation and changes at Burrard Civic – other sailing organizations may not be as happy or treated as well as we have. The dinghies kept in the compound are a challenge – do not attempt to wheel them down the precarious and slick launching ramp; get instructions on using the small boat crane to lower the dinghy into the water… we may be able to get Geoff Baile to produce an instructional video on using the crane at Burrard. At another marina, Thunderbird, the process now is to leave a fob and parking pass onboard Weekend Pirate, that is, find an office person, security worker, other worker or sailor to let you into the marina and get the pass and fob that is onboard to put in your car and do your loading…and at the end of your sail, leave fob and parking pass on the boat.

Treasurer’s Report and: Steve let us know that we are in good shape with over $49 000 in our account with a few expenses to come (second and third haul-outs, Reed Point moorage and others). 2 new members’ cheques are also to arrive. Profit/Loss statement to be presented at the next membership meeting April 1.

Fleet: Michael Quick – Weekend Pirate haulout to come – good sign-up for that. Mookie was surveyed and a significant bulkhead repair/replacement is needed – Michael to confer with Michael LeBlanc (woodwork) on said repair. Motor repairs are in the works: one seriously twisted prop shaft is being worked on, and the Honeybee motor – transmission connection is awaiting parts. Michael will report on costs.

Membership Report: Gabriel – let us know that we have only 3 sailing permits left.

Cruises: John Binns sent a report – Excellent Brass Monkey weekend (14 sailors) though generally light winds. (It wasn’t just about the sailing). Only 5 signups for Night sail including Geoff and John, hopefully Geoff’s talk at the April meeting will generate more interest. Seven signups as crew for training cruise 27-28 April, 3 skippers required for orientations 4/5.

We had some discussion about cruises (in John’s absence) regarding the availability of boats on cruise weekends. It was recalled that during the discussions about the appeal of taking on a moorage at Thunderbird Marina, it had been proposed (but not formally moved) that the boat at Thunderbird should be reserved for ‘day’ use. (Not LTB and not cruises…though that may not have been clear). It was Moved (Gabriel/Ken) that a boat at Thunderbird be the last boat considered for cruise use. Amended (Michael/Steve) to add that when feasible/reasonable boats at Reed Point should be the first boats to be filled for a cruise. [The Night Sail is an example of when this might not be reasonable]. Carried as amended

We also discussed reports of boats that were not re-fueled after use. An item will be posted and put on the next membership meeting to remind members that: You should re-fuel after using a boat. If it is not possible (fuel dock may be closed) then leave $6 for each hour that the motor was turned on. (This is in the Orientation 1 document, which we all should know).

Long Term Bookings: For various reasons, few of the LTB request forms have been submitted. They are due April 8. Shawna will not be available at the membership meeting but Joel will be receiving LTB forms. See Shawna’s posts at News on the website.

Long Term Planning Committee: Tom gave an outline of committee revised recommendations. He will present these at the next membership meeting.

Adjourn: 9:13 PM

Attendees: Fred Nolte, Steve Cook, Ken Murray, Michael Quick, Tom Mayson, Graham Dalton, Vitali Didenko, Shawna Little; Also Gabriel Mora (by phone). Regrets: John Binns (sent report), Joel Westereng, Rebecca Frame.

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