Saturday Haul Out

Hi All,

On behalf of David, Sikee, Sheldon and myself, THANK YOU to ALL for the work you did on Honey Bee and Mookie today.  There are too many, “First, I would like to Thank,” as my list would be different from the others.  Be that as it may, I would like to Thank the crew that cleaned the hull such that the cut polish crew of Karin, Tamiko and Martin put “pride of ownership” all over the boats.  Darren put the elbow grease touches to the teak, adding to the pride of ownership.  Although, we are a non-equity Coop.  We should have pictures for the website.

John and Richard on the motors, Les and Bruce on the winches, Bruce repairing the “Y” valve… the list goes on and on….

All good sailors know, the boat moves on the sailors stomach, maybe the wind helps.  Shauna put the wind in our sails with todays lunch. 

Now, my confession.  A Huge “Thank You” to the members who indulged my fantasy and worked on “smoothing” the hull and heel.  The anticipation of taking Honey Bee on the water is very exciting.  Whether it moves better, may matter to some, the fact you all helped and humoured my request was wonderful.

Not finally, but my last comment, as it reflects so well on All present today.  By 2PM, I was discussing with different members some of the thoughts, ideas and processes of the LTPC, when members kept appearing and asked about “antifouling” the boats.  It became apparent that this was a “get’er done kind of crowd”.  I gave the nod with the assurances that All would buy me a beer.  Paint, brushes and rollers went to work.

Now, rather then chill and gift wrap that beer, I would like you to open the beer, raise your hand and “toast” Honey Bee, Mookie, and one another in four directions to a day well done.  

Our maintenance work on land is nearly done, time to raise the sails, set a course and go sailing. 

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