Long Term Planning survey results

We had 48 members fill in the survey. Respondents are of a wide demographic variety. Most use Long Term Bookings with individual day sails on the second place. This shows a good representation of all groups of interest.

Most members can book a boat when needed. Weekdays are mostly easy to get a booking at a preferred location; weekends often have to be planned (1-2 weeks) in advance. Some mentioned that the hot season and long weekends are hard to find a boat and that is the only time they can actively sail.

Most of the respondents are not satisfied with the current fleet state and believe that we need larger boats, but still stay with the coop as it is cheaper than chartering. Note that mentioning of chartering and mostly Long Term booking usage shows the change in demographics. Also as much as we don’t want to be called a chartering company, we effectively are treated as a replacement service to one.

We have split opinions on how to deal with major repair requirements. Most suggest that repair should be only pursued if the cost is below a pre-set limit (either half or full market value of the damaged boat). Otherwise, suggestions are to dispose off or sell the damaged boat and put recovered funds towards a replacement.

Majority voted for a larger boat of 30-32ft being the best replacement boat.

Opinions on the larger/newer/better boat usage split and spread all over the options, plus 12 “other ways to do it” responses. This actually displays the main challenge for a co-op within co-op idea. One larger/newer/better boat will just not meet the expectation of all members involved. Having no restrictions or giving it to the LTB are the two prevailing responses.

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