Important: Update of the Membership Roster

We are making the website roster the record of source of our Membership Roster.

How this will work is that will be disabling all member accounts, and then reactivating them for the members we have received their payment of dues. We will also update the profiles to reflect changes in sailing permits as we do so.

You will first receive an email that says your  “Your Account Is Now Deactivated”. 

Don’t Panic!

Provided we have a record of payment of your membership fees, you will get an email shortly thereafter saying “Welcome to Barnet Sailing Coop! Thank you for signing up! Your account is now active.” with a button to click to log in to the site.

Please log in and confirm your profile correctly shows what sailing permit you have.

If there is a mistake with your sailing permit, or if you don’t get the follow-up welcome email within a day of the deactivation notice,  please contact our Membership Coordinator and Treasurer to sort things out.

If you have any questions, please comment below

Fair winds, good sailing



Joel Westereng

A member since 2002, I have sailed the Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound, Sunshine Coast and Barclay Sound. Yet I still haven’t been to Jedediah Island. No one knows why.

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