BSC Fleet Long Term Planning survey – your opinion wanted!

The purpose of this survey is to explore if the fleet of 27 foot Catalina’s meets the sailing requirements of this generation of BSC members. This is also the first stage of the process and the result will dictate further direction. Hence your input really matters!

The survey will take 5 minutes to complete. Please follow this link to fill it in


Back in 1991 the BSC mandated the “Long Term Planning Committee” (LTPC 1) to determine the boat that would meet some/most of the “must have, need to have and nice to have” sailing requirements of its members.  The Committee determined that the resurrected 22 foot Roberts that was described as the “pride of the fleet” and a comfortable galley to sit in no longer met the needs of the BSC members.  The Committee settled on the Catalina 27.  The BSC showed great imagination on the different funding models to update the fleet to Catalina 27s.

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