Notice of Special General Meeting and Ordinary Resolution

This is an important two week notice that the membership meeting on Monday February 4 is to be a Special General Meeting due to an Ordinary Resolution to be voted on at the meeting

Preamble to the resolution:

The decision to seize the opportunity for a slip at Thunderbird Marina was predicated on a plan to reduce the year-long moorage at Westport to seasonal to offset the cost of the new slip. It was later learned that Westport Marina will be upgrading to convert to larger slips. Existing slip holders will be grandfathered in, however if we were to give up our winter slip we would lose our spot at Westport and not be guaranteed summer moorage.

Through online survey, executive discussion, and membership meeting discussion it has been surmised that there is some agreement that we should keep our options open for this year regarding all of our marina slips and work spaces. This especially applies to Reed Point, Westport and Thunderbird Marina.

To keep the slip at Thunderbird Marina for the year (April 2019 – April 2020) while we get a handle on its usefulness and our members’ preferences regarding boat locations, will require some careful economizing in our budget. We would have an additional $5400 expenditure (the cost of the Thunderbird moorage) that was not included in the budget that was approved at the last AGM. We can only do this if we approve a resolution at the membership meeting on Monday, February 4, 2019, which, with this notice and resolution becomes a Special General Meeting.


Be it resolved that the membership approves an additional expenditure of up to $5400.00 in the 2019 budget for the use of a slip at Thunderbird Marina for one year starting April 1, 2019, to see if there is enough support for the ongoing use of Thunderbird Marina. The Coop will try to offset this expenditure by finding economies in other parts of our budget so that the net additional expenditure is as small as reasonably possible.


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