Executive Meeting Minutes Feb 25

At Burnaby Winter Club

Attendees: Joel Westereng, Steve Cook, Ken Murray, Michael Quick, Vitali Didenko, Gabriel Mora, Rebecca Frame, also Shawna Little (by phone). Regrets: Fred Nolte (sent report), John Binns (sent report), Tom Mayson, Graham Dalton.

Chair: Joel Westereng

Call to order:      7:11        PM      

Approval of minutes of the previous meeting Jan 28, 2019: Joel/Rebecca approved


Treasurers Report and Membership Report: Steve and Gabriel – we are only 6 permits short of capacity, but there are two new member applications being processed this week and 4 others showing interest and ‘in the works’. Steve let us know that we have the usual receipts and bills coming in (detailed Profit/Loss to be presented at next membership meeting), and that, by comparing with previous years, we could currently project an approximate $3000 surplus on the budget passed at the AGM – that is, before the $5400 Thunderbird Marina expense is added, but also before any constraints that we put onto maintenance and replacement expenses this year.

There was also some discussion about insurance, especially liability. Members are reminded of the requirement stated in Orientation 1 that:

Cooperative Members are required to have their own Liability Insurance for their own protection. (page 17 – Insurance)

Usually this sort of liability is included in homeowners or renters insurance.

Fleet: Michael Quick – Haul-outs begin Friday Mar 1 when Tinkertoy and MyWay come out of the water at Reed point. Most of the volunteer slots have been filled this week, some next, but still room, check News Posts (Categories: Boat Work) or contact Chris Kowalchuk. Rebecca had questions about boat locations as they change for haul outs – this can be difficult for volunteers doing housekeeping – we will work on keeping the website updated and communicating as boat moves are planned so that volunteers are notified.

Also, a survey is planned for Mookie

Cruises and Social: John Binns sent regrets but the cruises are on the website and we noted that boats will be held for cruises 6 weeks before (before the 28 day advance limit) but releases will happen 2 weeks before the cruise so that individuals can book and plan for those weekends. Also we discussed and agreed (not a formal motion in the absence of the cruise director) that families able to book freed boats on a cruise weekend should be able to follow along with the cruise. Rebecca (Social Coordinator) notes that a ‘Cruise Fair’ is on the agenda for the intermission of Monday’s Mar 4 Membership Meeting. (The Agenda for the Membership meeting will be posted soon). Also there are a number of members interested in doing a regular Pub/Music social (Wednesdays at Pat’s Pub in the Patricia Hotel on East Hastings in Vancouver) and we are looking for a member to be the coordinator/contact person responsible for the events.

Long Term Bookings: Shawna will publish a draft LTB schedule for the year by Monday’s Membership Meeting Mar 4.

Vice-President’s Report: Joel moderated discussion of issues reported by Fred by email. Joel will contact Geoff Baile regarding instructional videos that he/we might create to post on the website.

Our main discussion here was about document security. We will be reducing the amount of personal information stored (on the application and waiver form) and will also storing them redundantly (hard drive with Brenda our record keeper) as well as securely on the website backups. Moved Michael/Ken That we add a way on the website that allows us to securely upload applications and waivers for new applicants. Carried.

Long Term Planning Committee: Vitali summarized the work of 3 previous LTPCs this century. This is the fourth and they have already gone much further than the previous ones. This committee has a number of recommendations, which were quickly summarized. (It was late, after 9:00, but this may have been our most important item). Vitali asked that he may present to the Membership on Mar 4 and we agreed (no formal motion required to present a committee report).

Adjourn – 9:27 PM

Notice of Special General Meeting and Ordinary Resolution

This is an important two week notice that the membership meeting on Monday February 4 is to be a Special General Meeting due to an Ordinary Resolution to be voted on at the meeting

Preamble to the resolution:

The decision to seize the opportunity for a slip at Thunderbird Marina was predicated on a plan to reduce the year-long moorage at Westport to seasonal to offset the cost of the new slip. It was later learned that Westport Marina will be upgrading to convert to larger slips. Existing slip holders will be grandfathered in, however if we were to give up our winter slip we would lose our spot at Westport and not be guaranteed summer moorage.

Through online survey, executive discussion, and membership meeting discussion it has been surmised that there is some agreement that we should keep our options open for this year regarding all of our marina slips and work spaces. This especially applies to Reed Point, Westport and Thunderbird Marina.

To keep the slip at Thunderbird Marina for the year (April 2019 – April 2020) while we get a handle on its usefulness and our members’ preferences regarding boat locations, will require some careful economizing in our budget. We would have an additional $5400 expenditure (the cost of the Thunderbird moorage) that was not included in the budget that was approved at the last AGM. We can only do this if we approve a resolution at the membership meeting on Monday, February 4, 2019, which, with this notice and resolution becomes a Special General Meeting.


Be it resolved that the membership approves an additional expenditure of up to $5400.00 in the 2019 budget for the use of a slip at Thunderbird Marina for one year starting April 1, 2019, to see if there is enough support for the ongoing use of Thunderbird Marina. The Coop will try to offset this expenditure by finding economies in other parts of our budget so that the net additional expenditure is as small as reasonably possible.


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