Membership Minutes – Special General Meeting – Feb 4 2019

Barnet Sailing Coop—Special General Meeting—February 4, 2019

David Schenkeveld

Connie Baxter

Judith Vosko

Sue Schenkeveld

Dave Marriott

Steve Cook

John Binns

Joel Westereng

Jean Munier

Geoff Baile

John Bathurst

Miroslav Ristic

Richard Blackwell

Fred Nolte

Ken Murray

Gabriel Mora

Ann Veerman

Shawna Little

Vitali Didenko

Evan Gatehouse

Dennis Davis

Les McAusland

Diane Selkirk

Michael Quick

Dragan Djuricanin

Nico Viljoen

Delphine Guldner

Anne Murney

Matt Collingwood

Stephen Culhane

Kelvin Worrall

Doug Murney

Jefferson Manens

Tracey Hulme

Ian Crook

Brian Martin

Call To Order: 7:37 PM
Approval of previous minutes:
Minutes from Jan 7 general meeting: Moved Anne/David Marriott: Accepted

President – Fred Nolte passed on the sad news that Tom Smith, a long time member and our current auditor, has passed away. Many in the coop had sailed with Tom and will be passing on condolences.
Treasurer – Steve Cook presented the current Profit/Loss statement. (Attached below). We are already less than $8000 short of our income estimate for the year and this should be made up in new member cheques coming soon. Moved acceptance of the Treasurer’s report: Ann Veerman/Michael Quick. Accepted
Membership – Gabriel Mora: We are in great shape membership-wise. Welcome to new members: Jefferson Manens, Delphine Guldner, Bruce McGarvie
Fleet – Michael Quick: The Boat group has met and the first 2 haul-outs are scheduled for Feb 22 – 24. Some concerns that the weather will be difficult and could force a postponement (1 week delay). Will keep everyone posted. A reminder for everyone that tonight’s job-fair will start the sign-up for haul-out volunteers.
Cruises – John Binns: Cruise planners met and a schedule will be posted. Have worked on flexibility that will depend on cruisers signing up early so that boats needed can be booked or released in time for others planning to use boats. Orientation cruises are planned to help new members needing to practice orientations. John Bathurst put in a few words in support of cruises and Diane Selkirk noted that Sunday Sails are well, even over subscribed
Long Term Bookings – Shawna Little: Preference/Application forms will be out in a while with an April submission deadline
Social – AJ spoke for Rebecca about coming social events that could include a get-together at Pat’s Pub. Watch the website for details.

After an introduction by Fred and some background questions clarified (about the situations at Reed Point, Westport Marina and Long Term Bookings) as well as some concerns expressed for the difficulty of wringing too much out of our maintenance/replacement budgets, the posted resolution was Moved Dave Marriott/Richard Blackwell:
Be it resolved that the membership approves an additional expenditure of up to $5400.00 in the 2019 budget for the use of a slip at Thunderbird Marina for one year starting April 1, 2019 to see if there is enough support for the ongoing use of Thunderbird Marina. The Coop will try to offset this expenditure by finding economies in other parts of our budget so that the net additional expenditure is as small as reasonably possible.
The resolution was Approved

Adjourn: (Approximately 8:45 PM)

Job Fair
Ian Crook spoke to the Boat Show sign up.
AJ Veerman explained the role of specialist groups in the coop and had a list of some of the specialist needs with a sign-up list.
Anne Murney spoke to the housekeeping jobs (with a sign-up list) and the need for a housekeeping leader and that especially this position should not be gender restricted.
Other specialists (Vitali Didenko – electronics, Les McAusland – winches, Geoff Baile – sails,…and others) spoke about their particular specialty groups and invited members to talk about their work and possibly organize job shadows etc.
It all seemed a bit chaotic at first, but it went very well. And a few people won a Barnet Sailing Mug.

Attachment: Profit/Loss statement

October 1 – February 4, 2019






Membership Income:


Capital Assessment





Joint Sailing Permit





Membership fees





Single Sailing Permit





Hours Income




Total Membership





Other Income:


General Income










Equipment Sale








Total Other





Total Income









Directors’ Liability



Vessel Protection & Indemnity



Vessel Hull & Machinery



Total Insurance



Acitivity & Overhead





Bank Charges





Boat Show










Office Supplies





Social Committee








Radio License



Total Activity & Overhead







Burrard Civic Marina





Reed Point Marina









Westport Marina





Summer Marina



Total Moorage





Repairs, Maintenance & Capital Improvements


General Maintenance

















My Way





Tinkertoy II





Weekend Pirate





Total Repairs, Maintenance & Capital Improvements





Total Expenses





Net Income





 Note – Boat Budget detail:



Capital Imp










My Way



Tinkertoy II



Weekend Pirate



Total Budget




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