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Date(s) - Feb 25 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Burnaby Winter Club



At Burnaby Winter Club 7:00 PM

Call to order

Approval of minutes of the previous meeting Jan 28, 2018 as posted on website. (Note the Jan 28 minutes are currently listed on the event in the calendar – in future, minutes for all meetings will be posted as News – check ‘Minutes’ under Categories or click on the Minutes and/or Executive tags to find them). Please check – we will not be printing Minutes and cannot always count on having them on-screen at meetings.


Presidents Report: Fred Nolte sends regrets – he has added a report in comments below for discussion.

Treasurer: Steve Cook

Fleet: Michael Quick

Membership: Gabriel Mora

Cruises: John Binns

Long Term Booking: Shawna Little

Social: Rebecca Frame

Vice-President: Joel Westereng (Technology)

Long Term Planning Committee: Vitali Didenko


Business Items:

If you have an item that will not appear in the above Reports – please add in Reply below


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  1. Fred Nolte

    I will not be able to attend. Working in Calgary (and by sheer coincidence visiting the grandson!) A couple of comments:

    1. Geoff Baille has volunteered to produce a couple of training videos. “The topics could cover everything from PFDs to how to do an oil change to stern tieing.” I would like to ask the executive to endorse this idea, and to encourage Geoff. (Of course we will approve work hours, right?)
    2. Two suggestions from Graham: 1. Suggests we give a presentation at next year’s Boat Show (even if we don’t have a booth?) Might be a good way of generating interest and 2. A key fob at Thunderbird costs $15. Members who want to go more than once might want to buy their own key fob. A photocopy of the parking pass works, provided there isn’t more than one person doing it. Own key fobs and photocopied parking passes is how Ambleside Coop handles this.
    3. Could we please review what personal information is going onto the website. My understanding is there are not any substantial changes, but maybe Joel could explain the technicalities, and we could make sure we are comfortable with any changes.
    4. A reminder that we decided over a year ago to make Brenda Beck the record keeper, and she has been compiling all of our records onto a remote drive. This was done specifically over concerns about putting too much information on the web. Regardless of where records will ultimately be kept, for now Brenda is the record keeper, so all records should be going to her.
    5. I understand current membership records have not been turned over to Brenda yet. Keeping a rigorous file of waivers, membership signup, and qualifications was very much front of mind when we set up a record keeper. Can we make a decision on how to go forward with this?

    Thanks all.

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