Welcome Beta – Testers!

Thank you for signing up for taking our new website for a spin. There’s still work to do on it, but it more or less is working.

If you find an issue, please post it under “News” with the tag “Bug”.  Before posting, please do a search by the “Bug” tag and quickly scan to see if some one else already reported it.

If there is something that you think our website should do, or do better, again post it under “News” with the tag “Enhancement Request”. Again, before posting  do a quick search by the “Enhancement Request” tag to see if it has already been posted.  If it has, please leave a comment indicating that you support it. This will help me prioritize new features/enhancements.

Thank you again for your help with this.



Joel Westereng

A member since 2002, I have sailed the Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound, Sunshine Coast and Barclay Sound. Yet I still haven’t been to Jedediah Island. No one knows why.

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David Schenkeveld
Sailing Member

I like the clean look of the site and is easy to navigate. However, I find the light grey font on the white background a little hard to read.

Lana Fraidenberguer
Sailing Member

I don’t see my previous comments on this thread.

AJ Veerman
Sailing Member

Thanks to the whole team for taking this on it’s looking good. 3 points

I don’t see a ‘bug’ tag.
I can’t see how to mark this post ‘bug’.
I can’t find any of the important documents/minutes etc.
If general members can make a post how do they do it?


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