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Sail year round in six shared Catalina 27' sailboats.   Enjoy time on the water and fellowship with other members. If you have any questions, contact us at or call Gabriel on 604-374-5026

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Please fill your application out and send it in along with your cheque.
2017 Brochure (PDF, Adobe Reader required)
Membership Application (PDF, Adobe Reader required)

What's Required?

The Barnet Sailing Cooperative requires that all members who join the Coop contribute to the Cooperative. This means that you contribute your time and skills for the betterment of the Coop. Your contribution can be in the form of administration or maintenance or both.

The Cooperative has an executive of 12 elected directors. As well, there are a number of volunteer positions such as Orientation, Sunday Sails, Training, Advertising, Phone Committee which may appeal to the administrative minded.

On the maintenance side, we have a Fleet Captain responsible for the coordination of maintenance of our entire fleet. The fleet captain has an assistant, a captain for each boat and specialty crew leaders for the more technical aspects such as electrical, plumbing, motors, etc.. Each boat captain has one or two assistants and a crew. This way the work gets spread around to all members. Even if you hold an administrative position, it is encouraged for you to assist in maintenance so that you get to learn about the boats you are sailing.

If you like the social aspects, the social director is always looking for volunteers to assist in organizing dances, picnics and other social events.

Membership Fees

Membership Fee

Applies to all Coop members.
Members receive the newsletter, attend meetings and socials, and have voting rights.

Members who do not wish to sail,pay this Annual fee, allowing them to remain with the Coop and may purchase a sailing permit in future sailing years.
$65 per year*
Single Sailing Permit
Members may purchase a single sailing permit that allows One person to sail up to 300 hours per year, attend all social functions, receive the newsletter and have voting rights

$610.00 per year
($675 including Membership Fee)

Joint (Family) Sailing Permit

Members can purchase a joint sailing permit that allows Married or Common Law Couple and their children to sail up to 400 hours per year, attend all social functions, receive the newsletter and have voting rights.

$850 per year
($915 including Membership Fee)

Initiation Fee or
Capital Assessment
The Initiation/capital assessments are currently $875.00. The fee is payable over 3 years. It helps to cover the costs of Capital upgrades past and future for new members. The fee is payable over 3 years. This fee includes your Cooperative share valued at $1.00. 1st Year - $475.00
2nd Year - $250.00
3rd Year - $150.00
Waiting List People who pay the waitlist fee will have priority in order of how long they are on the list when applying for membership in the Coop when there is a vacancy. Those, on the waiting list, do not have any sailing privileges or any voting priviledges and are not considered Coop members $40 per year