Barnet Sailing Cooperative

About the Barnet Sailing Co-op

THE BARNET SAILING COOPERATIVE is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 by a group of people interested in the sport of sailing and the cooperative ownership of boats for the purpose of training, day sailing and cruising. Each member pays an annual fee and must also contribute time towards maintenance, administration and social events.

The cost of maintenance, insurance, moorage, etc. are covered by the fees. We limit our membership the 75 sailing memberships. In addition, if you do not wish to sail or if our sailing permits have all been allotted, applicants may apply to be placed on a waiting list for priority for future sailing permits. While on the waiting list, the applicants may attend social functions and meetings.

Affordable Sailing

Have you dreamed about sailing away into the sunset? Have you longed to explore exotic places or perhaps our beautiful British Columbia coastline? Unfortunately for most of us it is only a dream. The cost of owning a boat is extensive. The cost of buying the boat, equipping it, moorage, insurance and, of course, maintenance. A boat has been described as a hole in the water into which you throw money. Then, after all your expenses, you find you don't have the time to use it. Or, you or your spouse find out you don't really like sailing.


Where Are You?

The Barnet Sailing Cooperative has members from throughout the lower mainland. Our membership and executive meetings are normally held in Port Moody. We have 5 boats, two of which are at Burrard Civic Marina and three are usually at Reed Point Marina. In summer, one of the Reed Point boats moves to Westport Marina near Sydney and another one usually moves to Westview Marina in Powell River (or some other cruising destination).

But I don't know how to sail!

Sailing experience is not necessary. Many of our members join with no sailing knowledge. Non-sailors are encouraged to join our Sunday Sails and Club Cruises in order to sail with more seasoned mates. Members also learn boat maintenance and repairs with hands on experience. The Cooperative arranges CYA Certification programs for Basic and Intermediate Cruising, Coastal Navigation and VHF Radio License with qualified instructors for our members.